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Unlinking the Links between Jewellery and Health

Today, jewelry is used as a fashion statement. But do you know it has several incredible health benefits too? Surprised? Yes, wearing jewelry has several scientific secrets behind it.

More importantly, wearing fine gold jewellery has been proven to have a healing effect on your body. Its essence and impact promote physical and mental well-being. Likewise, other metals have also been believed to have therapeutic properties. So, let’s uncover what effect wearing a different type of jewelry can have on our bodies.

Here we go… 

  1. Earrings:

Earrings are one of the important and commonly worn pieces of jewelry. Have you ever thought about why humans have been wearing earrings since ancient times? Well, the science behind earrings says that earrings have an acupressure effect on the wearer’s body. Apart from this, some other benefits include:

  • The nerve linking your brain and kidney passes through the right part of the ear. Thus, if the right amount of pressure is exerted on the ear, the health of the organs connected can be improved.
  • In females, the nerves from the ears connect to the reproductive system which plays a significant role in improving reproductive health.
  1. Ring:

Rings are worn by both men and women. The reason for wearing a ring on our fourth finger is that it connects to your heart through the brain. Moreover, wearing a thumb ring is known to instigate the production of pleasure hormones. So, if any kind of metallic friction occurs through these fingers, it brings a positive impact on a person’s health and mood. However, wearing a ring on the middle finger is not advisable as nerves of this finger traverse through the brain divider line which arouses confusion in the wearer’s mind and negatively impacts his/her decision-making skills.

  1. Nose Ring: 

The nose ring has a crucial role to play during the pregnancy of a woman. As per scientific findings, nose piercing acts as an aid in reducing pain during childbirth. Moreover, it is also effective in alleviating menstrual pain. The reason being nerves from the nostrils are connected to the reproductive system in females. As a result, it influences emotional and sexual activities in females.  

  1. Bangles:

Bangles are known to improve blood circulation in women. Through its circular shape, it helps return energy from the wearer’s upper skin layer to the body. Additionally, it ensures the channelization of energy from hands to palms. So, women who wear bangles tend to enjoy several health benefits. The tinkling sound that comes from bangles is also believed to invite goodness.  

  1. Necklace/ Mangalsutra:

Wearing a necklace exhibits great effectiveness in controlling your body pressure levels. It is also known to regularize blood flow. Apart from this, wearing a necklace or mangalsutra also has a soothing effect on your mind and body. It is a source of emanating positive energy that keeps the person happy and contended.

So, next time when you decided to purchase online jewellery in India bear these benefits in mind. Knowing them will assist you to make the right choice depending on your needs and preferences.

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