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Types Of Taxes That Are Implied On Business

Types Of Taxes That Are Implied On Business

Types of taxes Benjamin Franklin was quite serious when he said that only two things are certain in life, death, and taxes. Ironically enough, you pay taxes in a currency that has a picture of Benjamin Franklin over it always to remind you of these golden words. Whether you are having a nine to five job or running a business, taxes are something that will follow you to the grave. So, we can safely say that much like Thanos, taxes are also inevitable, and the government can get them in a snap. That’s a million-dollar question, and the answer to that isn’t an easy one since people spend years studying accounting to understand this. We will delineate that a bit later in the article, but first thing first, why do we pay taxes?

Running A Business

Types of taxes Not that the government gives us a choice, but understanding the rationale behind it would make us feel less wrong about the government digging into our pockets. The way you are running a business, the governments usually have a state or a country to run. Without money, that is not possible, so they have devised the strategy of making the people pay for the expense of all that keeps the city, state, or the country running. These taxes not only pay the salaries of most of the government staff but also help the government in providing you with all the services that you get from the state. It is also imperative to understand that people with differing earning abilities pay varying taxes depending on their income and vocation. Well, you must have heard about federal sales tax and other state taxes and wondered what’s the difference. You are at the right place to know the answer, so keep reading to get all your taxed knots untied.


Yes, you have heard this one before income tax is one of the essential types of taxes paid by businesses. You either pay the income tax individually, or your employer pays it for you on behalf of the company. Furthermore, income tax in the case of sole proprietorship applies to a company owned by only one person, as the name suggests. In such a case, the personal tax return pretty much covers the business tax. Then, in the case of a partnership too, the partners pay the taxes in their tax returns.  A corporation comes into existence when shareholders pay taxes separately as well as the corporation itself, hence ending up paying double taxes. On the other hand, S corporations have an individual filing, allowing the corporation to avoid double taxation. Taxes affect your corporate decisions as this study suggests, so it is better to take them seriously.


Everyone who is employed must pay taxes for social security and medical insurance. In case of a job, your employer will pay half on your behalf. And the other half gets deducted from your salary. Though, if you are self-employed, as you can imagine, you must pay for all the tax yourself. These taxes help the government in providing you after retirement or in case of a disability and survival.

  • EMPLOYMENT TAX Types of taxes

Types of taxes If you are a business that employs many people. You are responsible for some part of their tax filings. These taxes, as mentioned above, are responsible for the insurance and retirement benefits. According to the law, some businesses file these sums every month, while others do it on a semi-weekly basis. By year-end, the companies file all the returns paid to help the government in keeping records.


Types of taxes This tax covers most of transportation, fuel, communication, and environmental taxes. Not all businesses need to file the excise taxes depending on the type and needs of running the company. For example, some businesses rely on heavy trailers for their supplies while others operate from home, so it depends.

  • Types of taxes

Types of taxes The taxes mentioned above go to the federal government, but then there are state taxes too. Because well the states need money to run their affairs. Much like the federal taxes, your business and its structure will dictate the kind of taxes you must pay. Also, remember that if your business is inter-state, you might have to pay taxes to both the states depending upon their respective laws.


Types of taxes Pretty evident from the name, you file sales tax on all the sales that a business achieves. Much like other taxes, you will pay sales tax to federal as well as state government. So you better keep records of all your transactions. Though the good news is, some states still do not charge any sales tax. so you can start a business there to save some money.


Types of taxes A business cannot operate without an office, and the office comes from real estate. In short, you will pay the tax for the space you use for the business.


Taxes are a permanent part of your life, and you must embrace them. whether you like them or not, so save yourself the legal trouble. There are several types of taxes, whether imposed by the federal government or the state. We didn’t explicitly mention the names of taxes. Because that would require a broader discussion than this space allows, but we did give you a comprehensive overview. The knowledge of all the taxes will avoid tax surprises that cost a hell lot of money.

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