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Pennsylvania Requires Two-Factor Authentication for Online Casinos and Sportsbooks

Pennsylvania online casinos recently started implementing requirements for two-factor authentication for all online gamblers. The move was initiated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB). From the end of December 2022, players signing in on a casino website will be required to key in a six-digit code sent to their phone to complete the signing process. The aim is to deal with hacking scenarios that have been on the increase recently. 

What is two-factor authentication?

Players are required to provide dual login verification when using two-factor authentication. In the first verification, the players enter their password, and then the casino generates a code and sends it to the user. Once the user confirms the code by keying it in, the login process is complete. This is the new rule for anyone who wants to play games at an online casino in Pennsylvania. It is beneficial because it limits the chances of compromised passwords. If an intruder manages to guess a password, hack, or phish, they fail to gain access to the account because they cannot access the code sent to the user’s phone. 

Two-factor authentication will be required every fortnight

Already, most online casinos in Pennsylvania offer two-factor authentication to users. Some of the best tips for gambling are to make sure your account is safe and to use a VPN when you connect to a public network. The requirement for two-factor authentication came at the right time, as online gambling accounts were becoming more likely to be broken into. Authentication will be required every two weeks, no matter what activity a user is engaged in. Moreover, the PGCB requires all online casinos in Pennsylvania to submit a report of the security checks performed annually. 

Prioritizing online security for users

Pennsylvania is one of the pioneering states to implement two-factor authentication. The PGCB Communications Director, Dough Harbach, said in a statement that the board has always prioritized the security and protection of gamblers in PA. By issuing the directive, it confirmed the board was proactive in this matter. The way 2FA works is that it offers an extra layer of protection against cybercriminals trying to gain access to users’ accounts. After entering the password, the user is then asked to enter a second factor, which could be a code, a secret number, a secret question, and sometimes a voiceprint or fingerprint. 

Casinos sensitizing customers

Casinos in Pennsylvania are already sensitizing players about the new development. Operators such as betPARX have already implemented the requirement and are also proactively providing players with information and benefits of two-factor authentication. PGCB issued the directive to PA casinos in June 2022 to give them enough time to get ready. Casinos in NJ and Ontario implemented the requirement ahead of PA. 

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