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Twitter voice tweets- a new experience for social communiqué

Twitter has a potential role in social media around the globe to tweet. You may not ignore the potency of twitter. It is a real mode to drop your opinion about a specific event or situation as per your mindset. Your opinion will be quoted as the tag of your name and nobody can avail it without your tag name. The new thing is twitter voice tweets!

It is adding to the beauty of online communication but with the time people are feeling fed up with it. Actually, in this time of quarantined situations, one may be seeking unique and innovative ideas to flourish more for the betterment and creative content on social platforms.

Voice Tweets!!!

Twitter did it! It sounds wow when we can not only read but now hear the twitter tweets. It is the innovation offered by twitter. Now you may comfortably and confidently tweet the people by the aid of voice messages. It can be the short or long, low or high voice, song or plain, etc. It sounds really nice to have a voice on twitter from now.

This new creation of tweets is going to boost up its demand in the social market. One may enjoy the voice tweets as they are going to save the time that you spend in typing a long message and then editing it for so many times to look OK.

Here, the tweet of the voice memo is available to a specific group of the public at the moment. It will be available on iOs systems in the opening time. then after proper success plus functioning, it will be launched for the plethora of people, then all and sundry may enjoy the voice tweets.

Now you need to be confident to have a great accent to speak to your friends via tweet voice messages, they are going to listen from you; you may deliver your message in addition to your emotions via voice potential sounds.

How to use voice tweets?

The mode of using voice tweets is pretty simple. You just need to click on the option of creating a new tweet message, it will not be text, and instead, it will be a voice message. For maintaining the quality of sound and avoiding the issues of buffering, its time limit will be 140 sec. later the rest of the message will be attached with the basic message as threads.

Others may see it as soon as you are going to upload it. It will be going directly on their timeline and they may enjoy the updates you are dropping on your timeline. This is entertaining and full of fun. The package is truly thrilling and adventurous.

It is not only about the voice tweets, in addition, but you may also tag people, you may enjoy the fun on social media by investing more time in creating innovative and attractive voice tweets. People are going to enjoy the lovely tweet voice message as it is something new in the tweet option.




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