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Twitter New Features Introduced Year 2020

The Twitter New Features Introduced Year 2020

Recently Twitter New Features introduced 2020. Twitter has millions of users around the world and the brilliance of Twitter has won uncountable hearts. People cannot go on a single day without logging on to their Twitter account. Twitter is simple and easy to use and that is the reason why the social media platform has gained recognition around the world. Features like How to deactivate your twitter account were already active on Twitter and now Twitter has rolled out some great new features in the year 2020 and we will be sharing a few new features with you.

Polls is New Feature of Twitter:

If you have a question in your mind or have a new idea you want an opinion on you can use the new Polls feature of Twitter. The poll allows you to embed four possible options for the answer. The exciting part is that the polls are live for 24 hours and it is interesting to get the final counts and results when the 24 hours get over. You can let your Twitter followers vote on the content or get feedback on a TV show or a national game.

Twitter New Features Full-Size Images Use

Twitter had the option of sharing images along with a Tweet. In the past, you had to crop the photo and only a certain part of the photo was visible. The new features allow you to share the entire image now along with your tweet. This is going to be great news for people who like to drive traffic towards their posts by sharing images.


The moment’s feature allows the users to stay up to date with the latest and hot news of the day. Politics, entertainment, and all kinds of viral stories you can catch it all on Twitter with the moment’s feature. You also have the opportunity to swipe through other latest stories. Fans of famous artists and people interested in political issues love this feature. Because it helps them to stay up to date with the latest buzz.

Native Video

Twitter has a new feature that can allow you to create and share your own videos. You just have to click on the camera icon and you can share the picture without leaving the Twitter app. If you want to make a video you just have to switch to the video option and can create a video of your own. The feature is an easy and simple way to engage more users to your Twitter account. This feature is great for people who are famous. Many celebrities and sports stars are loving this new feature of Twitter.

Retweet with Comment

Retweeting a tweet allows you to add a comment or quote now as Twitter has launched this new feature in 2020. Adding a quote can add value to your retweeting and you can attract a lot of users to the tweet. Celebrities love this feature because they can reply to their fans in a sweet and lovely way. You need to keep in mind that you will just be allowed to enter 140 characters and you can’t exceed this number. So if you have been concerned about how to unroll a twitter thread you can now easily do that.

Unlimited characters in direct messages

Earlier twitter had given the option of writing only 140 characters to its users. But the good news is that now you can write more than 140 characters in direct messages. You can write up to 10,000 characters if you are using a mobile or desktop. It can also work very well in almost every third party app.

Twitter hashtags

Many users were complaining about such small characters in the direct messages and tweets so it’s a sign of relief for them all. You can get to avail of this opportunity in the twitter hashtags as well. Through the hashtags, your tweets will reach a wider audience and this is very helpful in the case of celebrities who want the followers to grow at regular intervals.

Group direct messages

The best thing is that twitter didn’t only increase the characters for a direct message you can also tweet more than one person at a time. This feature will make twitter more favorable for users. You can handle the twitter thread with ease when you can message people and write long messages too.

Changing favorite to like

Twitter was in a lot of buzzes in recent months as they changed the favorite button which has been designated by a star. Many didn’t notice the small icon but if you can see to it carefully you will probably notice the change too. We have a like button now which shows a heart icon instead of the favorite button.

Gifts on Twitter

The users can now directly upload the latest gifs from the desktop to twitter. You can use these small twitter tips and tricks to make your experience worthwhile. There are plenty of gifs on the internet. And we can use them effectively in our tweets which can give us an innovative experience. Apart from that you can share and give away exciting gifts with each other as twitter allows it all now.

Twitter and Periscope

Periscope is a live streaming video app is one of the hottest things on social media these days. Twitter and Facebook took some time to have a group of followers. But people have been signing up for periscope very quickly and there are 10 million accounts already. Twitter has now collaborated with Periscope and they work well to complement each other.

Twitter cards

Many users feel that the idea of twitter cards is very innovative as it will help to create rich and vibrant tweets. You can use these visually appealing cards to attach them with videos, photos, and tweets while this will work best to drive a lot of traffic to your own website. If you add the HTML of your website. and link it with twitter the followers will be able to see your website and it’s like a free promotional strategy to get traffic. People may share and like the content and you will be able to earn revenues on your own. There is a summary card, app card, and a player card and they all give unlimited benefits.

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