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Twenty-fifth week pregnancy is welcoming you for another milestone

Time is flying; you are entering a new week. The new week is welcoming you with a plethora of accountability and charges. This is week number twenty-fifth week of pregnancy. You need to be more focus on self plus baby as the time is going on.

Almost size months are going to end in this week; you are doing very well in the second trimester. It is supporting the proper growth of the baby because you have the potential to manage the things in order and organized plan during pregnancy weeks.

Additional symptoms of Twenty-Fifth week pregnancy

The new week has some new symptoms in continuation with the last one. It is supporting you in all regards to managing the things smoothly. All the previous signs are still striving. In addition, some new signs are jumping in the arena of pregnancy weeks.

Let us have a preview of the new things adding to your pregnancy weeks checklist. They are:

1.     Skin pigmentation in pregnancy weeks

During twenty-fifth week pregnancy, the skin is stretching; this is why it is also changing its colour. The new colour might be a bit darker from the original tone of the melanin of skin; this is why you will name it skin pigmentation. It is adding spots to the skin.

It will vanish away after the delivery time. Skin pigmentation is a natural process; this is why it doesn’t oppose it. It might not overcome with the aid of artificial fairness formula creams. It is demanding for the completion of the tenure of pregnancy, so leave it as it is.

2.     Swollen ankles

Swollen ankles also happen in twenty-fifth week of pregnancy. The body is putting extra weight upon the lower portion; this is why leg cramps and pelvic bone pain was there. In addition to these two genuine issues, a new thing is coming your way. It is known as swollen ankles.

The ankles are holding the balance of the body to take the weight and equilibrium of the body. It is better to use flat shoes and avoid high heels during pregnancy. The flat shoes will keep you comfortable and happy. It will give less pressure to your ankles. It is better to oil and soothe your ankles to stay at ease.

3.     Sleeping difficulties while pregnancy weeks

You were enjoying nice nap times in the previous weeks, but now you are facing the sleeping difficulties for another time. It is because you are not comfortable with body weight and sleeping postures. Your body is not compatible with the brain, as well.

You may overcome the issue by following some literal plan for the sleep. It is possible to compensate you with the support of sleeping postures. Try to choose the ideal bedding and sleeping space. Don’t lay upside down! It is exactly dangerous during pregnancy.

What are the new developments in the baby during twenty-fifth week of pregnancy?

Baby is also improving with the flow of time. In some weeks, the growth percentage is high while in others it is slow. But still, it is a steady process; it is going on, on a steady and perfect speed supported by nature.

The size of the baby is increasing. Now it is approximately 1.5 pounds by weight which is an ideal weight at the moment. You might feel the weight of a round thing lying in your belly. This is why belly is also coming out to justify the increment in the baby.

1.     Nasals

The baby has developed the nasals; this is why the facial features are visible at the moment. He/she is capable of managing the nose and another setup for the breathing and shifting of materials to and from the mother’s body.

2.     Auditory

The mini ears are developing. It happens that the small ear sacs are visible, although they aren’t modified in the properly shaped features still they are giving the image of two ears on either side of the head of the baby.

3.     Movements

Mom can experience the baby kicks in pregnancy weeks. They are minor and negligible, but still, they exist. Now, it might be happening on alternate days. It is not a regular process, but it is ensuring the better and timely growth plan of the baby inside the uterus. You need to be aware of the moves as it is ensuring the best things from the baby.