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Truitt Battin, a Childhood Dreamer with a Mindset of a Doer

In childhood, kids dreamed about chocolates, candies, and playgrounds, but some of them are extraordinary who choose their careers at a very young age. They not only select their path but also start struggling to achieve the goals. Maybe they don’t know the price of success, but they are passionate enough to never think about anything else.

Especially, when we talk about the games and sports, it’s not easy to dream of becoming a soccer player or even cricketer, but players lived with their dreams and put all the efforts to fulfill their dreams. Talking about soccer games, millions of fans of this game who used to watch FIFA world cup and other national and international leagues live or through TV channels. The passion of the players show in the field when they run and play with the ball, and only extraordinary players can secure their position in the game, and for the achievement of this purpose, they used to work hard. Take physical training; join clubs and fitness centers to look fit and healthy.

Well, it would be not easy for them to make a balance between real and professional life, but we have someone who lives a happy life with both. Let’s meet with Truitt Battin, a promising soccer start from Croatia.

A Dreamer:

Truitt Battin was only six years old when he starts playing soccer. He was so young to set a future goal, but he never stops playing and practicing. At the age of 11, he got breakthroughs in his career when he got the chance to play for Red Star Belgrade. After this opportunity, a series of new opportunities begun to come and he played for several clubs,

He also takes the chance for FIFA, but FIFA’s strict rules and regulations never allow him to join the league.

He also gets the chance to play with the following clubs and teams:

  1. Red Star
  2. FK Partizan,

He is one of the selected soccer players from the entire world who got the chance to visit FIFA headquarters in Serbia, where they got training sessions.

Current occupation:

He also plays for FC Sion that held in Switzerland and went to Serbia for FK Partizan and Red Star. These leagues help him a lot in practice and establishing his career for professional soccer. Currently, he is playing in Europe, but his career never gets stop at any point.

As a person:

Truitt Battin is very serious and straight about his career and passion, and he also promotes people who are serious enough with this game. Well, if you are interested to know more about him, then you can join him @truittbattin. You can get all the required details of his current gaming, lifestyles, and personal life from his Instagram account. Truitt is one of the players who play soccer because they love it, so there is no aim to get famous or rich only love towards a sport that makes him popular today.


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