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Treatment of hair loss with Rogaine minoxidil

In case of abundant and sudden hair loss, it is good to contact a dermatologist who can recommend the treatment based on the origin of the problem.

It is a source of anxiety and discomfort, so much so that it has a strong impact on the quality of life of the people who suffer from it. We are talking about alopecia, a very common disease that involves progressive and sometimes unstoppable hair loss up to baldness in some cases. It is precisely this change in physical appearance that has a strong psychological impact in men but in particular in women since hair has always been considered the symbol of femininity.

If you notice abundant or sudden hair loss, it is essential to rely on the consultation of a specialist, who will be able to recommend the most appropriate therapy based on the origin and, in most cases, solve the problem Minoxidil is also a common remedy used for the treatment of hair loss. Rogaine India is now getting really famous due to its results.

When to see a doctor?

If you notice an increase in hair loss compared to normal (the number of hair that is generally lost per day is about 60-80). In fact, to correctly diagnose alopecia and identify the most appropriate treatment, it is necessary to ask for the consultation of a dermatologist. The dermatologist first examines the patient’s medical history to identify any triggering causes (familiarity, illness, drug intake, diets, stressful events, etc.) of the problem. He then performs a physical examination of the scalp. On the basis of the information collected, the specialist will decide whether it is necessary to carry out additional tests: blood tests, control of hormonal values or thyroid, etc.

What are the common hair loss causes?

Following are the most common hair loss causes observed in both men and women

  • Genetic issues
  • Hormonal issues: when the thyroid gland is involved or there are dysfunctions related to the pituitary or
  • Testosterone
  • Nutritional imbalances: it can very often be generated by nutritional deficiencies since nutrition plays a decisive role. Anorexia, for example, leads the patient to the sensitive treatment of hair loss, lacking the right protein and vitamin supply (vitamin D and iron);
  • Psychological issues: Prolonged periods of stress caused by trauma or depression lead to hair loss causing severe thinning of the scalp;
  • Chemical-pharmacological: strong chemical pharmacological treatments such as chemotherapy, treatments for heart failure, as well as antidepressants contribute to hair loss.

What is Minoxidil and how does it work?

Research shows how Rogaine minoxidil can help in hair growth but it is still not predicted how it works on hair and makes them grow. In the recent theory, it is said that the Minoxidil belongs to a group of drugs called PCOs (‘potassium channel openers). It seems to the researchers that PCOs stimulate hair growth. However, this drug has no influence on the balance of hormones. It is because it is not a hormonal agent but has a stimulating effect on hair growth. Also, it can be used for the treatment of hair loss.

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