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Top Keto Friendly Gum To Keep Your Mouth Fresh

Keto, mouth fresh as the Ketogenic diet is popularly called, is used to get rid of excess weight that refuses to yield to normal weight loss efforts. It involves consuming fats that are healthy while doing away with carbs and foods with excessive calories.

The keto diet is very effective if followed religiously, but the issue is that people tend to stop using it as they couldn’t pay the price that attached to it, which having bad breath. This should not discourage you from trying out the diet as we have compiled the best gums to help alleviate the breath. You can now continue with your keto dieting without experiencing any discomfort. These gums make you stay refreshed always.

What is Keto-Friendly Gum?

Mouth fresh People on the keto diet are told to stay away from foods that contain sugar or carbs, and most popular gums have sugar. Any gum that is sugar and carb free is keto-friendly. Following the keto diet usually cause bad breath; to eliminate this breath, you can chew gums, but they have to be keto-friendly to prevent it from interrupting your diet. This is where the keto-friendly gums come in. Instead of sugar, these gums contain xylitol, which is derived from a plant. Apart from this, it contributes to healthy living by reducing infections of the nose and the ear.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Keto-Friendly Gum

However, there are many brands of gums out there, and you need to know what to look out for. Below are factors to consider when choosing a keto-friendly gum.

No Sugar

The issue is not the level of sugar in one gum. mouth fresh a piece of gum doesn’t contain much sugar that can affect your keto diet but think about chewing as many gums as required to keep your bad breath away. Mouth fresh These calories will add up, which is not healthy for you. Always check the type of sugar added to be sure that it’s sugar-free.

Amount of Xylitol

Xylitol is used instead of sugar in these gums, but it should be in minimal quantity. It does not condone the presence of cavities and prevent you from having tooth decay. It is sweet to taste with no adverse effect on your body. But you should know, excess xylitol is not good as it disrupts the nature of the intestines, making you have stomach upset. It is advisable to control your use of xylitol if you notice any changes in your digestive system like diarrhea. This is why you should know the level of xylitol in the gums you are buying.


Another factor to consider is the portability of the gum. Can you carry it around? Does it fit into your bag or pocket? You should answer these questions before choosing a gum. Mouth fresh There are times you may want to chew a piece of gum in public or at work, ensure that you can easily carry your gum with your everywhere you go.


Some people are allergic to some flavors, especially peppermint and spearmint. You should check to see if you can consume the gum. There’s no point in buying something you can’t use.

Best Keto-Friendly Gums

Mouth fresh No matter how much of these gums you chew in a day, they won’t have any negative effect on your diet, and you don’t need to worry about your sugar as most of them come with low or no sugar. Below are those we chose as the best keto-friendly gums.

  1. PUR Gum 6 Flavor Assortment

Further Mouth fresh This gum comes in different flavors with a mint taste that keeps your mouth refreshed and ever. Most people who want to control their sugar level choose this gum as it does not contain any sugar. Apart from this, as well as there are no additives or unhealthy contents added. It’s a great choice if you can’t tolerate lactose, or you have allergies. Besides, no sweeteners or toxic chemicals are included. Moreover, This makes it a great option for eliminating bad breath caused by undergoing the keto diet.


  • Has no sugar
  • Comes with antioxidants
  • No aspartame
  • Cause no cavities


  • Very small pieces
  • Flavors are short-lived
  • Not easy to move around with
  1. Impact Xylitol Gum

This gum can act as a cleanser that keeps your teeth free of germs and eliminate your bad breath at the same time. There’s no sugar added, so it’s a perfect choice for people on the keto diet. Not only this, Mouth fresh but it also has a peppermint flavor that rebrands your breath by killing all bacteria that contribute to the smelly breath. Moreover, You’ll be very refreshed every time if you choose this gum. Diabetic patients can use it with no problem.


  • Flavors are long-lived
  • Pieces are big
  • Sugar and aspartame free
  • Has xylitol
  • Gets rid of stains on teeth
  • Cause no cavities


  • Comes in one flavor
  • Expensive
  1. XyloBurst 100% Xylitol, Natural Chewing Gum

Mouth fresh This gum contains xylitol, which gives it the sweetened taste-making way for the complete elimination of sugar. It has a positive effect on your gums, keeping them as healthy as possible while also fighting off bacteria that cause bad breath. Also, it does not contain GMO and gluten, thereby making a popular choice for those with allergies. Further Dentists usually recommend it to patients as it prevents the growth of plaque and cavities. You won’t strain your pocket to buy this gum, and you have eight different flavors to choose from. Because it has no aspartame, people on keto diet and vegans can use it.


  • With no aspartame
  • No sugar
  • Strong taste
  • Gluten, GMO-free
  • Comes in eight flavors
  • Comes with a jar


  • Short-live flavor
  • Pieces are small
  1. Epic Dental 100% Xylitol Sweetened Mints

The level of xylitol in this gum is quite high compared to other gums in its category. Mouth fresh If you follow the keto diet, then this gum is perfect for you. Mouth fresh It contains fruit-based favors, and as well as you’ll have the flavor of 7 fruits to choose from. It comes with no added dairy products, sweeteners, or nuts, making it ideal for vegan and diabetic patients. You can take the gum with you everywhere you go as it has a very compact packet design with enough gums to last for days.


  • Pieces are big
  • Has xylitol
  • Fruit-based flavors
  • Includes jars


  • Flavors are short-live
  • Some brands are cheaper
  • Thickens when chewed
  1. Spry Natural

Further Mouth fresh This gum is an alternative for you if you are not a fan of peppermint flavor. It has the sweet flavor as the usual bubblegum but with different content. It does not contain sugar or dairy or any other artificial sweeteners. Instead. It has xylitol for vegans and people on the ketogenic diet. Though the gum is essential for getting rid of bad breath, it also prevents the growth of cavities. Your breath will be as refreshed as ever as it fights off the bacteria that enhance the smelly breath in your mouth. It comes with spearmint oil essentials helping you digest thoroughly; this is good for you as keto dieting may cause indigestion if followed for a long time.


  • Cheap
  • Pieces are big
  • Includes secure jars
  • Has xylitol


  • Flavor is short-lived

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