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Top Boy Season 3 to Soon Dazzle the Netflix Users!

“Top Boy” will soon pop up on your screens as Netflix has adopted this top-notch crime drama and revive it for its season 3.

Let me remind you, Top Boy first aired on Channel 4 in 2011, and 2013 respectively for season 1, and 2. It ran for two seasons on Channel 4 and then the channel dropped it off and canceled the season 3.

That was surely sad news for the Top Boy fans, and even for the cast members as well. One of the leading cast members of Top Boy, Ashley Walters was much disheartened with the cancelation of the remarkable series. Anyhow, at that time he had to give up.

But now, with the mercy of the fame of Canadian Rap, Drake, Netflix is bringing back Top Boy and currently working on its revival for season 3. All thanks to Drake who’s efforts amid a partnership with Netflix persuaded them to bring back Top Boy.

Top Boy is currently under its production phase and soon we will get a teaser trailer of the bang-bang season 3.

The leading characters, Dushane, and Sully of Top boy will be back in action and head on to claim for Dushane’s legacy, the summer estate house. But in the way to their destination, once again they have to face-off Jamie, a ruthless criminal who’s been waiting for both of them since then Dushane went to the jail.

Although we haven’t received any news regarding the release of Top Boy on Netflix, we can expect to release in the upcoming year. 


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