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Top 5 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Rims For Your Old Car

If you are someone that loves driving or have been a closet enthusiast for some time, then you would have definitely tinkered with the idea of getting rims. While most automobiles these days come pre-installed with rims and alloys, many of us out there want to customize the same according to our tastes and preferences.

For a very long time, rims, wheels, and tires have been the go-to option for enthusiasts trying to add a bit of personalization, flair, and attractiveness to their vehicles. A nice set of rims does not come cheap, but it can enhance the attractiveness levels of a car.

You can think of rims as new sneakers that can change the overall, look, appearance, and riding feel of your old vehicle. In this article, we speak to leading experts at Wheelfire, one of the country’s leading shops for wheels, rims, and tires. We request them to share with us some important tips that can help individuals choose the best rims for their old cars.

List of 5 Top Tips to Help you Choose the Best Rims for your Old Car

Pick a credible and reputed brand that manufactures rims-

It seems that every time you do your online research on car rims, a new brand pops out of nowhere. Car owners should not go for brands that are not credible or very new. When it comes to car rims, going for brands that have been in the market for a very long time makes sense. They use better technologies, choice of materials, and have good customer support and service.

Pay attention to the size of the recommended rim or wheel size for the vehicle-

Bigger and flashier, does look good, but they can affect the overall driving dynamics and stability of the vehicle as well. If you are trying to install rims that are too big, everything from your transmission to the brake pads needs to be altered. Going one size or two sizes up will not make too much of a difference. However, anything too drastic will compromise the integrity.

Pick a new set of tires that complements the rims-

If you think that your new set of rims will work on the old set of tires think again. This is a safety hazard that you should avoid making. Every time you change the wheel size, you need to go for a tire size that complements the same. This has to do with the safety, performance, and driving dynamics of the vehicle. A good company will help you with the tire sizes for the rims.

Choose the rim material you want to go for: Alloy or Chrome-

In most cases, buyers can choose between two options- alloys and chrome. Alloys are sturdier, are manufactured in an industrial manner, and will last for a long time. Chrome, on the other hand, does not have the same levels of durability but is preferred because of its flashier appearance. Depending on what appeals best to you, you can make the choice between these.

Understand that there are major costs involved-

A new set of rims from a poor brand can set you back by around a couple hundred dollars. These are unsafe, will not come with any warranty, and are a threat to your life. Great quality rims from reputed manufacturers can cost thousands of dollars. They are safer, will come with a warranty, and protect you and your family during trips. Avoid going for the cheapest options.

The Bottom Line

Every vehicle’s structure and internal parts are created within a certain threshold. If you plan to push it beyond that, it can result in something very dangerous. This is something that gets negated in the quest to fit out the vehicle with the biggest and shiniest set of rims. It is essential that as a car owner you realize and set the limits of what your vehicle can achieve before it ventures into dangerous territory. You need to be safe at the end of the day.

If you have any other questions on car rims that you would like us to discuss, let us know in the comments section below. We will be more than happy to help you answer and clear as many of your doubts as possible.

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