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Top 5 Books for Book Reports

Number the Stars

Even though this book is historical fiction, it can be somewhat heavy. However, it teaches an important section of history. The story follows a ten-year-old girl whose family is helping smuggle jews during world war II.

Because of Winn-Dixie

Opal is a ten-year-old girl that doesn’t have a mother and comes home from the grocery store with a dog. The dog, Winn Dixie, helps Opal become more than she was before. This book teaches about friendship and the companionship that a pet can offer. It’s a great option for dog lovers and a heartwarming story about how pets can be our truest friends.


This book is a fantasy novel about a girl who learns that her father has a magical power that can bring characters to life. This is the first book in a trilogy which makes it a great option for the student who loves to read, and reads quickly. The book lover will also relate to this book because all the characters really love to read. So much so that they bring their favorite characters to life.

The Alchemist

This book teaches the importance of having big dreams and spending your life striving to reach them. The word alchemy refers to the chemical process of transforming metal into gold. This is a great choice for science lovers and 5th-grade boys because it’s one of the few books that is from a male perspective.

Counting by 7’s

This book follows a gifted 12-year-old girl who finds out that both of her parents were killed in a car accident. This is a great book for teaching children about grief as a part of life and how to overcome it.

All of these would be great options for a book report if your student needs one. Here you can find ten book report ideas that could be used with any of these book selections. If you are a teacher, you can use this list of book report ideas to either give your class ideas or assign a specific project for all of your students to use.

Book reports are commonly assigned to students in the fifth grade because at this stage of education students should not only be able to read but comprehend what they are reading. Any of these books would be a great choice for your 5th graders. Book reports are a way to show teachers that they completed the reading and understood it. Book reports can also be structured to showcase if a student understands the structure of writing. They should be able to identify character development, the main theme, and the plot as well as conflict resolution. Students should also be allowed to evaluate the author and not just the book. Learning about the author can give additional insight into why the book was written the way it was. Doing book reports at this younger age will also help with developing their own future writing style as they begin the writing-heavy years of their education.

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