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Top 3 Native Ad Networks

This article provides information on ad networks that are well-suited for use with native advertising campaigns.

MGID – Native Performance & Programmatic Advertising Platform

MGID is a company that specializes in native advertising. They reach 850 million unique visitors every month and serve 185 billion content recommendations. They have 32,000 content websites and a 60% higher click-through rate than display ads. They have over 31,650 publishers across the world and target audiences based on location, browser, device, and OS. Some of their top websites include MSN, Newsweek, and The Week. MGID is an award-winning platform that helps publishers monetize their traffic and retain their audiences. They connect brands with unique audiences, and they have offices in several countries, including the US, Ukraine, Vietnam, Indonesia, Italy, and India. They hold the largest share of traffic in Europe.

MGID offers various native ad formats, including smart widgets, in-content widgets, and sidebar widgets. Advertisers can also use the native video format for more engaging content or solely rely on smart widgets to deliver personalized messages to users throughout their online experience.

The platform allows for campaign optimization and performance analysis through daily, weekly, and monthly reports. These reports offer insights and statistics on various targeting categories such as geos, OS versions, and devices. Additionally, users can access selective bidding to exclude publishers and adjust CPCs for specific placements or targeting options.

One notable aspect of this platform is its affiliate-friendly nature. Compared to other native ad networks known for their stringent compliance policies, MGID allows for a wider range of offers to be promoted and monetized. Additionally, an estimated 70% of MGID’s traffic originates from smartphones, thus making it a suitable inventory for mobile advertising.

MGID is an affiliate platform that offers features such as selective bidding, dynamic retargeting, and smart engine optimization with stats integrated with Google Analytics. It also allows for dayparting/scheduling of campaigns and limits by clicks, budget, and conversion. Auto-blocking, auto-bidding, and fixed bid are among the optimization rules available. Voluum’s Automizer, which integrates with MGID via API, provides real-time reporting based on 30+ metrics and alerts for monitoring campaign performance.

Taboola – Content Discovery & Native Advertising

Taboola is a native advertising platform that reaches over 1.4 billion unique users per month and 44.5% of the world’s Internet population. It offers targeting options such as location-based, publisher blocking, and audience targeting through first-party data or marketplace audiences. The platform’s top websites include NBC, MSN, USA Today, Business Insider, Bloomberg, CBS News, and Fox. Taboola helps publishers and advertisers buy, sell, and grow their traffic in scalable and profitable ways. Its primary goal is to assist people in discovering interesting and new web content.

The Taboola ad platform connects brands with receptive audiences and provides trusted websites for advertising. Additionally, it offers monetization opportunities for publishers, mobile carriers, and digital properties.

Taboola’s native ads are typically located in customized widgets that appear at the top, bottom, or side of a website as content recommendations, or within the general news feed.

Taboola is a native ad network that can help you build your brand through personalized ads on premium websites. It can assist you in reaching marketing KPIs at any point in the purchase journey, and promote exclusive, white-hat offers. With audience segmentation and broad reporting, it can improve your native strategies.

Maintaining control over ad spend and aligning with KPIs is vital for a successful native advertising campaign. Taboola provides in-house targeting options and comprehensive reporting, enabling users to manage their campaigns fully. This includes determining ad spend, performance goals, and editing campaign elements. These solutions are critical for improving ad campaign efficiency and marketing strategy.

Taboola offers comprehensive reports on campaign performance, smart bid automatization, flexible ad creatives, and data-rich recommendations. The integration with Voluum provides additional benefits such as anti-fraud features and automization for improved performance with less effort. More information can be found here.

Outbrain – Recommendation Platform Powered by Native Ads

Outbrain is a self-serve native advertising platform that has the ability to reach 1.3 billion people worldwide from over 55 countries. The platform delivers 290 million native stories each month and has 1.8 billion daily pageviews. In terms of traffic, 50% comes from Tier 1 geos such as the US, UK, JP, and FR. The platform offers various targeting options including location, devices, operating systems, browsers, interests, advanced audience targeting, and retargeting. Outbrain serves ads on top websites such as Hearst, CNN, Men’s Health, Sky News, BBC, The Washington Post, and Le Monde. The company generates an estimated annual revenue of $136.7 million and produces over 9 billion conversions worldwide each year.

Outbrain connects brands, agencies, and advertisers with one-third of the world’s consumers on the open web. Its strengths lie in ad exchanges. Outbrain teams up with leading niches and top publishers to provide users access to high-quality audiences through a five-star publisher network. Sky News, for instance, gets over 10 million page views every month.

Outbrain’s native widgets are designed to blend seamlessly with editorial content and can take the form of “in-feed” ads, search and promoted listings, video ads, and content recommendations. These widgets typically include an image, headline, and brand logo.

Consider using the Outbrain platform for native advertising and content creation on the open web. This platform offers access to premium native openweb inventories and can help you achieve your marketing goals in a fraud-free environment.

Outbrain offers a range of perks such as smartfeed, look-alike audiences, data marketplace, bid strategy, native smartads, storytelling with native video, Outbrain carousel ads, a variety of deal packages, and flexible access to their full portfolio of inventory through leading DSPs. It is recommended for those seeking high-quality traffic.

Outbrain is included in Voluum’s list of integrations. When using Outbrain + Voluum, the Traffic Distribution AI can automatically distribute traffic to the most successful offers, landing pages, and paths.

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