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Top 3 Lottery Winners Stories

There is nothing as exciting as winning a lottery. The excitement is so real that you’ll always want to share your story with others. In most stories, various lottery winning factors such as luck, resilience, and belief always feature. Today, we will look at three inspirational stories from previous winners of lotteries.

A Cowboy Kept Ranching by a Powerball Jackpot Win

The story of the 23-year old Neal Wanless wasn’t so good in 2009. The young cowboy rancher was behind his taxes. He was down financially that he couldn’t even manage to pay for minor repairs around the ranch that would keep it in good shape. To get extra cash to run the ranch, Neal started selling scrap metal.

In the whole of Todd County, Neal was one of the poorest ranchers. Running out of options, Neal decided to try his luck on the lottery. With hesitation, though, he took $5 from his hard-earned money and bought a ticket. He selected his numbers using the birth dates of the family members.

His risk paid off when he was announced the winner of the Powerball Jackpot. After taxation, Neal carried home a whopping $88.5 million.

He decided to continue working on his ranch and put in some money to help his community. His efforts to help his community have been recognized by Mayor Timothy Grablander.

A Single Mother of Five Wins a Major Jackpot

The life of Cynthia Stafford took a sudden and unwanted turn when her brother died in an accident and left behind his five children. Cynthia took in the five children and has been raising them as a single mother. She has also been the caregiver of her father.

Since 2004, Cynthia has always had a dream of winning $112 million in a lottery. Over the years, she has been using various methods to try and win the amount. Her story is that of resilience since she never lost hope despite losing severally.

In 2007, after many years of attempting to win $112 million, she won the exact amount. She credited her win to her resilience and the law of attraction that kept her wanting to win $112 million, which she eventually won. Every time she bought tickets, she picked random numbers that came to her head as she bought the tickets.

Schoolteacher Wins a Huge Lottery Jackpot and Brings Joy to Children

Les Robins, a high school teacher, believed that it was a shame that children didn’t do fun activities such as camping, playing sports, and swimming.

So, his $111 million Powerball jackpot worked wonders for him since he could make children smile. He used the money to build a fun camp for children, which he says is a source of joy for many children.

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Top 3 things we learn from lottery winners’ stories

  • Resilience is one of the things that you need to succeed when playing the lottery. Never lose hope midway
  • You should also know that it is a game of chance and any number can help you win. You can try using important family birth dates to try your luck
  • Always use your money to bring joy to other people as well.

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