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Top 8 Theme and Amusement Parks Belgium

When arranging a vacation to Belgium, one is likely to arrange an itinerary of historical and cultural attractions. For the amusement Park lover, there are many choices on board for obtaining your rollercoaster fix. Let’s look at the Top 10 theme and Amusement Parks Belgium and Best Water & Amusement Parks in Belgium.

Top 8 Theme and Amusement Parks Belgium

Here you will find the Top 8 Theme and Amusement Parks Belgium.

Bobbejaanland – One of the Superb Amusement Parks Belgium

Bobbejaan Schoepen may be the Walt Disney of Best Water & Amusement Parks in Belgium, according to some estimates. After fifty years, he built the Theme Park in his honor. It is now one of the most famous Parks on the European continents.

In addition to many coasters and water attractions, as well as other high-speed thrills, Bobbejaanland was initially constructed as a place for Schopen to conduct his musical performances.

Plopsa Indoor Hasselt

This is the spot to go if you want to have a good time with your family while you are in Belgium. It is an indoor Belgium theme Park with a variety of attractions that are guaranteed to keep you entertained.

Because you are inside, you do not have to worry about the weather – come here to have fun rain, sun, or snow – because you will not be affected by it.

A climbing wall and a playground are among the other facilities available. This amenity will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Boudewijn SeaPark

It is a theme Park with a variety of exciting attractions and interiors and decorations that are themed to the sea. The dolphin and seal performances will leave you in awe of all the ocean has to offer.

Additionally, it will be a pleasure to see such excellent instruction put to use. You and your children will have a great time on the river rides and carnival attractions.

They are available to keep them entertained and interested. This location will undoubtedly leave your body exhausted and your heart content. Visit it if you like Theme Parks in Brussels.

Comics Station Antwerp

It ensures that both children and adults will have a good time. This establishment was designed with well-known comic novels and comic book characters in mind.

Likewise, there are a lot of well-known Belgian personalities in this game. For comic book fans, having a theme Park that is themed around their favorite comic books and characters is a dream come true.

In addition, this one of the top Amusement Parks Belgium offers large size indoor slides in the world to play on!

Plopsaland De Panne

You will discover exactly what you are searching for right here. Likewise, it had a bee theme at the time of its construction.

Here, you’ll find a selection of rides that are suitable for both children and adults. In addition, there is a beautiful animal farm, so be ready to dance and groove in this theme Park!

Aqualibi – One of the Best Amusement Parks Belgium

In addition to making us happy and providing us with enjoyable experiences, there is one kind of theme Park that everyone enjoys and looks forward to visiting: a water Park.

The chilly rides, the adrenaline rush from the slides, and the pools all combine to create an unforgettable experience. So, this incredible water Park is located in the Belgian city of Wavre.

With gentle and not-so-gentle slides, it provides the ideal mix of adrenaline-pumping water rides and relaxing amusement for the whole family.

Plopsa Coo

It is one of the Top 10 Theme and Amusement Parks Belgium and Best Water & Amusement Parks in Belgium for kids. So, bring your children here if you want them to enjoy a day packed with activities and delicious foods.

There will be no boring moments throughout your child’s day since there are so many exciting things to discover.

The Park is home to a variety of rides and activities like as go-karting, duck fishing, a merry-go-round, and other attractions. Also, there are also some excellent dining options to consider.

It’s important to follow your child wherever they go, since the Park may get busy in the afternoon. You will enjoy all of the activities and attractions that this Park has to offer.


This one of the best Amusement Parks in Brussels is precisely what it says on the tin in the name. You can find it in the Belgian capital. There are ancient European towns and their most famous landmarks represented in this tiny theme Park.

It is a wonderful location to spend time with your children while educating them about the different monuments and buildings across Europe.

In addition to live-action models, the theme Park has models of trains, cable cars, and other vehicles. So, come here for a day filled with study and enjoyment.

This is the Top 10 Theme and Amusement Parks Belgium. You can also call them Best Water & Amusement Parks in Belgium. Thus, let us know where you will go first.

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