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Top 10 Greatest Boxers of all time

Hello, boxing fans out there! The list today is, who is the greatest. Hold on, today in this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 best Boxers of all time. Keep one thing in your mind, we are going to rate/rank Boxers according to their work done in their career. These rankings are going to base on these men in their primes and the height of their power. Another important thing is to find a fighter with the best weight. However, we have ranked these boxers according to what they achieved in their careers. 

Now, let’s dive in and enjoy! 

What are the best Boxers of all time?

best Boxers of all time

“Sugar” Shane Mosley

The greatest is not only one of the top boxers but also an all-battle winner, ever lived. He went to fight 34 times and came back as a winner every time. Today, Shane has the greatest power at welterweight. And become greater by his recent shut (if you know who). His power is at 135 pounds, maybe not matched from the history of boxing. 

There is a personality, Larry Merchant. Who calls Shane the most incredible lightweight fighter he ever covered. We are not going that far, but the number of fans doesn’t lie. He matches with almost every lightweight boxer, who is trying to blend him up. Therefore, he is easily one of the greatest fighters/boxers of all time. 

Larry Homles

The numbers that Larry has raised in boxing divisions are the greatest. He made a total of 20 defenses and only fought 2 times with Joe Louis. He can fight with anybody without letting them down. Many other boxers and fighters watch his history. And no one who didn’t fight with Larry Homles in the late 80s and 70s. He changed history due to his empire being in the wake of ALI. But he is completely one of the tremendous Professional prizefighters/boxers of all time.

Joe Louis   

Joe Louis, one of the top 3 best power punchers who always ranks high. 

Joe Louis was so overwhelmed at his first empire. He has been destroyed by the tradition that Jack Johnson created, ” a black man could not be a champion or could not be dignified”. But our hero Joe proved him wrong! And now here we are, several fans don’t lie. He is a legend. Still, this hero was not able to break the record of Joe Due. (His record of the longest-tenured heavyweight winner in the past). 

Roberto Duran 

Not the greatest lightweight boxer, as Shane Mosley was. But, physically he lived his past as a very punishing hero that ever existed. He was a tornado as a boxer. With a lot of enemies, he survived. Also, he had a gung-ho attitude that made him even more dangerous and difficult to catch.

He always knew how to handle the competitor, of course. But he commonly prefers to have a real fight. He was a high-class boxer of all time. He didn’t have any equal division of sugar in history. But, he doesn’t want them. 40 years ago, his career came to an end. Still, we saw him taking weight classes. He is a box of fame, at night he can rest by knowing that the world still considers him a great fighter ever. 

Jack Dempsey

It’s not a popularity contest, we are going to put him in 5th position. You will rather look at the fighter. The man we saw in films and tapes is a straight monster. If you have a fighter greater than him or an animal who has the world champion in him, we would like to see him. There is no better boxer and fighter than Jack Dempsey. 

Guglielmo Papaleo  

This is hard to get your mind around a one-boxer, right? Well, if we are talking about the top fighter’s record states then, Guglielmo Papaleo is here. He is the best featherweight boxer in history. Also, he has an elegant movement, which we all see when he is fighting. 

Ray Charles Leonard

Ray was from the Montreal Olympics boxing’s bet. He delivered his best and was promoted in a golden era in boxing divisions. And after that, he ran to the welterweight section for his improvement. Ray was fantastic during his time. He was one of the greatest prizefighters. His talent and his smile saved boxing. When the country needed some new boxers to fight, he was always there. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

It is very hard to find a boxer who has more great skills than FMJ. Floyd is the only pound-for-pound boxer without any loss. We don’t know how it is conceivable to deny that. But we are sure that some of you will try to deny this reality. 

Muhammad Ali    

What can we say? His boxing skills are not just hard to compare but also hard to believe. Muhammad Ali has the power of a heavyweight, but a skillset and the speed of a middleweight champion. Also, he knows where to hit you on the second lift-up fight. He is a legend. He won Title three several times and stepped on anyone that stepped up. 

Sugar Ray Robinson 

Here come another best Boxers of all time who is a smooth-as-ice boxer with a fantastic talent, Ray Robinson. We saw him using every punch style that allows him to win, and it’s fantastic. His skillset was always without any limits. He was a complete package, while many others were trying to hold up the nation, he did. 



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