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Tips to Prepare Mouth Watering Italian Nougat at Home

Nougat is the signature sweet dish of Italian cuisine that has a separate fanbase all around the world. This nutty sweet was first introduced in the 15th century and evolved a lot until fully transformed by Italian food experts. There are multiple variations of yogurt found in France, Spain, the Middle East, and Italy. Italian nougat is known as torrone. Similarly, its name differs from region to region such as Greeks call it Mandolato and Gaz is its native name in Iran. The primary ingredients of a nougat candy are sugar syrup, honey, eggs, and nuts. The quality of torrone depends on your skills of whipping to maintain the consistency of the sweet syrup mixture.

Usually, we purchase from our local department stores or shops. However, it is a less known fact that this sweet can also be prepared at home if you have the right ingredients and a good recipe to follow. You must be getting bored in this lockdown and missing your favorite sweet. Here is good news! We have one of the easiest and authentic recipes for preparing nougat in Italian style. Let’s explore and understand the complete process.

Torrone Italian nougat recipe

In this recipe, we will infuse the flavors of almonds, orange, and honey together. It is advisable to choose a  low humid day for preparing torrone to get the best consistency. Check your weather forecast app before starting. Still, you can gather the ingredients until they check which one needs to be purchased from the market.


  • Granulated sugar (3 cups plus 2 tablespoons)
  • Toasted almonds (2 cups)
  • Honey (1 cup )
  • Light corn syrup (1/4 cup )
  • Water (1/4 cup)
  • Egg whites at room temperature (3)
  • Salt (1/4 teaspoon)
  • Vanilla extract (1 tablespoon)
  • Orange extract (1/2 teaspoon)
  • Almond extract (1/4 teaspoon)

Almost every ingredient to cook Italian Torrone must be available in your kitchen. Once you manage to arrange all these 10 items, start with the preparation process.

Directions to Prepare

Total Time:- 1 Hour

Approximate Calories:- 220

Total Servings:- 24

  • Get a pan of 8X11 inches and line it with plastic wrap. Spray non-stick cooking oil over the sheet thoroughly covering its surface and edges. For a thin layer of nougat, you can also choose a large size pan.
  • On the plastic sheet, place an edible rice paper in a single layer. Settle it properly by fitting edge to edge. What about the remaining sheet from its edges.
  • Take a large bowel to add egg whites, salt and thoroughly mix it with a blender. Make sure that no trace of Greece left behind while beating the eggs.
  • Take a large short span, add honey, corn syrup, 3 cups of sugar, and 2 cups of water for boiling on medium heat. You will notice forming as the mixture starts cooking. Therefore, we prefer a large pan to prevent any kind of overflow while heating.
  • Keep on stirring until the sugar dissolves and gets a golden brown texture. Don’t avoid the stirring part otherwise, your syrup will harden on the base.
  • pour the syrup divided into four cups equally.
  • Start pouring the syrup cups one by one in the egg white mixture and beat it for around five minutes to obtain a thick and shiny paste.
  • Add toasted almonds in this bowl and mix properly so that they evenly spread throughout the Italian nougat torrone
  • Spread this mixture in the pan covered with rice paper evenly. Cover the pan with a lid or any other utensil and allow it to sit for around 6 hours at room temperature.
  • When it turns hard, take out the nougat brick and cut it with a knife into square or rectangular pieces.

Once prepared, nougat can serve instantly or stored in a jar for several months.

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