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Tips on selecting the best social trading network

For any trader, an excellent broker is a crucial tool. Do you need to select a social trading program or a reliable social broker? It’s a must-read piece that covers the essential considerations.

Number of Users and Broker’s Size

With the same platform, social trading platforms enable you to take advantage of the know-how of others trading, and it’s the fundamental characteristic of social trading platform. It stands to reason that the more know-how these are to go around, the more other users are present there. Moreover, studies have shown that in a network, social trading networks the bigger the variety of trading techniques and styles, to create manual trading portfolios or profitable and balanced copy trading, the greater the opportunity for all network members.

A large social broker often has more advantages to offer – Size matters.

When a network contains a small number of traders, on the other hand, the selection of trading styles is to create “copy trading bubbles” has a high tendency and understandably narrower, in the network wherein a large percentage of traders all copy the same handful of people and therefore on the off chance that these traders go bust have no way to hedge their investment.

Of course, the more popular and larger a social trading platform is, it finds itself under the more regulatory scrutiny. As a trader, it means that there’s no risk of other myriad varieties of online trading fraud, conflict of interest, and shady trade manipulation. Before you decide to sign up, it’s always recommended to read a few reviews of social trading, just in case, though.

Tradable Financial Instruments

When selecting a social broker, it’s essential to consider the variety of assets offered by a social broker. By social broker, the variety of financial instruments provided affects the level of diversification, which might be achieved by investors and traders. Also, on their earning potential. It may have a significant effect because to profit from a wide variety of tradable instruments could offer more opportunities. Automated Trading Permitted by the Social Broker?

Like ZuluTrade, with expert advisors (trading robots), some social brokers allow automated trading. Both automated trading and manual trading have their disadvantages. And the advantages. About automated trading, the copiers and copied traders may have different opinions and preferences. If their social broker wants to use it.

Spreads and Commissions

Generally, on trades as compared to standard retail brokers, the social brokers charge a little more commission. This extra cost is usually not too much and worth it. In social trading, the traders who want to engage may wish to compare the commissions and spreads between different social brokers.


The amount of information they provide is another essential criterion for each the social trading platform vary greatly once you sign up, including yourself. Even though making trading information available for others is the whole raison deter of social trading platforms. Some share data in a more transparent way or share more data than others.


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