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Tips for Preventing Rodent Problem

It may be tempting to just take the animal out of the area and hope the problem will go away on its own. If that isn’t an option, there are a few things homeowners can do to reduce the rodent problem.

If you’re not able to eliminate the rodent problem entirely, do the following, or Rodent control Hillsboro experts can also suggest you more deep-insight about the prevention of rodents.:

  • Do not feed pets indoors, in areas where rodents may be attracted.
  • Do not have garbage cans or anything with food in them outside where rodents may be attracted.
  • Fill any holes in the yard or on the ground with plug-in pellets, to deter rodents from crawling in and out.
  • If rodents are tunneling into your home and eating from food bowls in the kitchen, purchase a live trap and place it somewhere rodents have a high likelihood of being.
  • Remove water from around houseplants and place them in tightly covered plastic or glass containers. If your pets drink from the bowls, put a lid on them.
  • Trim weeds and grass around the home, as rodents can often eat from them.
  • Clean up droppings that have been left around your home and place them in a plastic bag, so you can examine them to see if there are any that appear to be fresh or hardened. If you find a wet, hardened rodent dropping, you may want to call in a pest control professional.
  • Be sure to note the type of rodent you see when you see it. Common rodents include gophers, squirrels, mice, rats, rats and mice.
  • If you believe your home is infested, contact a pest control professional to check it for any unwanted visitors.
  • Remember, it’s not just mice that like the greenery around your home. Mice will usually tunnel into homes in woodpiles and around the foundation, but birds also feed in bird feeders and bathe in birdbaths. Chickens will also dig in garden beds and add to the rodent population in your home.
  • Keeping your yard mowed and green is a great way to help discourage rodents from getting onto your property. Keep the area around the home free of weeds and allow it to be uncovered and dry in between watering.
  • Proper sanitation can help to prevent pests from ever entering your home. If you live near another home, you may want to discuss how you can help keep the rodents from coming onto your property. You may want to suggest that you keep your trash cans inside your home or that you secure them. If there is a wooded area near your home, you could also install a squirrel feeder.
  • Smoking around wood-burning fire pits or fireplaces can be a health concern as well. But if you fix problems, and your neighbors fix problems, the issue can be avoided.

Concluding Words:

Once again, there is no one size fits all solution to pest control. If rodents are a problem, you will have to be proactive and put a plan in place to keep them away. As a homeowner, you may want to discuss with the trash hauler what measures they take to deter rodents. They may have the equipment to install in the holes they make in dumpsters, and some of them will even come to your home to install a system. If you do choose to work with a professional, you should be prepared to pay for the services they provide. In a lot of cases, it can be cost-effective to use an established company that has been in business for years. They can provide services like blasting, plugging, etc. to ensure your property stays rodent-free.

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