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Tips for more self-confidence

Tips for more self-confidence

Performing competently and confidently, approaching other people relaxed and knowing your own strengths: that is what many would like. Why is it that we often cannot implement this and how can this be changed? We give tips for more self-confidence.

Where does low self-confidence come from?

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? While many people strive to increase the self-confidence, the question arises as to why it is so low at all. The reasons for this often lie in childhood and basically stem from two fears:

  • The fear of failure
  • The fear of rejection

However, these fears are often learned or trained and can be overcome.

Tips for more self-confidence

This creates a false image of yourself within. Increasing self-confidence means, above all, learning to trust yourself and developing respect for your own value. That is why self-confidence can also be understood as self-confidence or self-esteem.

Tips to increase self-confidence and self-esteem cannot work overnight but need a lot of training. You have to be ready to leave your comfort zone. We give you tips for more self-confidence that can help you if you internalize them.

  1. Practice posture

It sounds like a cliché, but it can actually help effectively: pay attention to your posture. Stand and sit with your back straight, look forward, shoulders back, and chest out. Such an attitude influences the inner self-confidence and acts directly on your counterpart much more self-confident. How to start conversations with positive expectations.

  1. Accept errors

Everyone has and makes mistakes – no matter how perfect social media profiles or dubious coaches you want to convince the opposite. Mistakes are human and cannot be avoided. Accept this and make yourself aware that other people make mistakes and have weaknesses. If you make a mistake, look for ways to learn from it and gain experience. Do not justify yourself (not even to yourself) and do not criticize yourself excessively. Stand by your mistake and try to do better next time.

  1. Think positive

Our thinking influences our mood. It sounds like a calendar saying, but it’s really true. Therefore, focus on positive things and try to always have a positive result in mind before a difficult task. That is one of the foundations for a positive charisma.

  1. Smile consciously

A friendly smile is not only more open and positive, but it also has a subconscious effect. Because by stimulating the associated muscle activity, happiness hormones are released in the brain. So remember to smile when you meet other people.

  1. Discover strengths

If you lack self-confidence, you often feel that you are not good enough. But that’s not true. Everyone has the qualities and skills that distinguish them. Make a list of qualities that you would call your strengths and skills that you are good at and / or enjoy exercising. Concentrate on using these strengths in a targeted manner. It is certainly useful to improve weaknesses, but it is just as valuable to know your own strengths and to show them.

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