The captivating city of Dubai has always been known for its man-made attractions and the natural beauty the city provides itself. Tourism has been one of the most important factors in boosting Dubai’s economy as every year it welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world. Dubai has worked a lot for its development as it is evident to us in the form of the world’s tallest building, huge shopping malls, great theme parks, and luxurious hotels.

Upon your visit to Dubai, tour to the desert safari should be on top of your list as you would regret not going there. So, discovering other places of interest, desert safari should be one of them. As the Dubai desert safari famous all over the world and it is a great place to experience something new. You get to choose different types of tours like morning and evening desert safari, hummer and overnight desert safari tour. Just choose the one which suits you best.

After riding the quad bikes, travel in the desert in the most traditional way through camel desert safari. This ride has a distinct thrill to it. You won’t get to experience it everywhere. The morning desert safari ride will somehow take to the old times of how the Bedouins used to travel large distances only through camels.

Our guides pick you from your location in a luxurious land cruiser and your journey to the desert starts. Enjoy the tour from dune bashing as our professional drivers drive on the high and low sand dunes and take you through the whole desert. A number of exciting activities are organized for you in the desert safari. 


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