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Third Week Pregnancy: How You Feel About Pregnancy?

The second week of pregnancy went silent. The plan was not telling something special or unique about the happenings of the third-week pregnancy. You weren’t sure about being pregnant yet. Still, the confusion was there, and you wanted to know more. So, let us be with the excitement but always take good care of the self. Now, you might be stepping to plan third-week of pregnant, but still, you are in confusion context.

The curiosity continues as time is moving forward. It is not letting you know the secret yet. You are still waiting about the confirmation of the news. Probably, some of the symptoms in the previous stage or the current one will let you be aware of the pregnancy, but the sure news is still to come.

Probable symptoms of the third week of pregnancy

The first two weeks went silent as they were holding on negligible symptoms for the pregnancy. The surety was not possible even the tests and ultrasounds are incapable of sharing any confirmation news for you and your family.

So still some of the persistent symptoms can do for you to plan third-week pregnancy! There might be a little different in the signs of the second and the third week as the condition of ovule inside the uterus might be quite edited at the moment.

The internal changes are leading to the potential external changes in addition to body tendencies. This might add to your confirmation about the pregnancy. The guarantee will be the ultrasound and pregnancy test, but it will happen next week or afterwards.

Some of the symptoms are visible as they may be a layman guess, but they are truly physical symptoms. Currently, in third-week pregnancy, you may lead yourself in the forward direction in the pregnancy and baby planning by seeing into the following symptoms:

Mouth taste

The taste of the mouth might be swinging at a quick mode. Here, the taste buds aren’t comfortable with the stomach gases. The mouth might be giving a functional and working metallic taste. This taste is a true symbol of the disturbance of the digestive tract activity due to interference of uterus.


It might happen that you will be feeling a headache. After a while, there will be no headache at all. The probable reasons can be the pregnancy indeed. It may be the rationale that the pregnancy is motivating the hormonal activity of the glands that are bothering the gastric issues as per third week of pregnancy guide.

The gastric issues might work in two ways; they may put the heaviness overhead and eyes region, and they are maybe disturbing the stomach activity that will be accountable for the headaches. Actually, these are the pseudo headaches shared in the third week of pregnancy guide.

Mood dangle in a third week pregnancy

The mood flow is happening due to the disturbance in the balance potential of the hormonal plan. It is happening that psychological distress may lead to a high level of happiness and sadness in the abrupt time. You may feel gloomy in the eve time on a routine basis.

Breast stretchness

The chest muscles will stretch due to the hormonal disturbance. The third-week pregnancy hormones have a direct relationship with the lactation hormones; this is why this may lead to the trouble of the breast stretched outlook.

How to confirm the pregnancy in the third week?

There is no ideal test available for knowing about the pregnancy in the third week to. It is a fact that doctors and gynacologists are failing to understand about the pregnancy in the third week in every way. Medical science has not shown any data of confirmation for pregnancy in the third week of pregnancy guide.

No ultrasound can let you know about the pregnancy as the ovule is a minimal size, which might not be showing the justification for the pregnancy at the moment in ultrasound a swell. So, keep on waiting for another week or two to confirm the pregnant.

Domestic level tests are available at the local level, but they are just the layman guesses. They cannot confirm the pregnancy as they are the general guess tests. They may make the mind that there is a probability of being pregnant, but it is only a guess at the moment. So, you may wait for the next week!

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