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Things you don’t know about HiPP Formula

A balanced diet is what your kid requires to grow up healthy. Today, experts strongly recommend feeding your baby with organic formulas. Organic food has become very popular lately due to the overuse of various chemicals in animal breeding or crop production.

The main advantage of organic products is their completely natural composition. During the first 2 years of a kid’s life, health is laid and immunity is formed. Therefore, only nutrients should enter the organism, thus decreasing the risk of different diseases in the future.  If you ignore the quality of infant milk, this will definitely affect the health of your child. Let’s talk about why it is important to feed your baby with organic products and what are the advantages of such European brands as HiPP.


HiPP infant formula was created in the late 19th century by German confectioner Joseph Hipp. Nowadays, the company has a wide range of products for different age groups of children: infant formulas, cereals, drinks, etc. The highest quality of products is ensured not only by exclusively selected ingredients but by a system of multi-level production control at every stage. Each package goes through more than 250 control operations during the production cycle.

HiPP is the parent company that controls the quality, with three subsidiaries catering to specific markets: HiPP Dutch, HiPP UK, and HiPP Germany. They all offer a non-identical line of infant formulas with different amounts of probiotics and starch content, e.g., HiPP Dutch Stage 1 has no starch, no gluten, and no maltodextrin.

Positive sides

  • containing all vital vitamins, nutrients (minerals, micro-and macro elements) necessary for the development of a newborn;
  • formulas are enriched with probiotics, which are involved in the formation of the natural microflora of the mucous organs of the child’s digestive system;
  • full of nucleotides identical to those in breast milk – they are responsible for metabolism, growth, and form a strong immune system in the newborn;
  • vegetables, fruits, berries, and other products are grown without the use of harmful chemicals, for example, a variety of sprayers, pesticides, etc., is prohibited in the care of plants;
  • they have fatty acids Omega 3.6 without sugar, gluten, dyes.

Negative sides

  • it is difficult to find where to buy the formulas or select a trustworthy vendor;
  • individual rejection of the components of the product which can provoke intestinal colic, excessive gas formation, and so on;
  • high cost of organic food.

Hypoallergenic formula

The HiPP brand develops hypoallergenic substitutes according to the latest scientific developments. It is geared towards meeting the needs of newborns who are prone to food allergic reactions. The research department of the company has developed a unique composition that does not include allergenic components, even potentially allergens are excluded. HiPP HA includes a full range of vital components necessary for the normal development of the baby, without overloading the organs of its digestive system. The use of hypoallergenic nutrition contributes to an easier introduction of complementary foods.

Thanks to the careful attitude to ingredients HiPP became a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of baby food. This brand has excellent reviews around the world.

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