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Things to know about wealthy affiliate

About Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a forum for affiliate marketers of all levels and helps you to do something even though you are a total newbie. The platform is like a whole kit to launch your corporate marketing company and is split into three main segments

  • Training – the course will show you the way to launch and make money off an online business certification/ partner Bootcamp in any niche of your choosing. The Bootcamp is comprised of 5 sections and 50 classes, including 7 sections and 70 training courses.
  • The Wealthy Affiliate website design platform provides a web platform called SiteRubix, allowing you to create a WordPress website inside a free subdomain. More than 3,000 website design models can be selected, making working with people without any experience easy.
  • Support – I believe this is Wealthy Affiliate’s biggest selling point, the largest internet marketing community in the world, and a wonderful location in all of the community to get support and network with other online business owners.
  • There are several other features on this portal, such as SEO and Jaxy keyword analysis, 2000 partner markets, web-hosting providers, content managers, domain recorders, website ratings and comments, and many more.

We will mention some perk in this Wealthy Affiliate Review:

The best part is the online community

One perfect justification for hours in a classroom to debate is that it does not require any networking. It does not influence your potential progress.

Aside from the educational aspect, networking and learning is the principal commodity they have and, therefore, priceless from a wide global group of 800 000 business-driving users from more than 195 countries. Where else do you have it? Plus, this is a field that changes constantly. You can take a class, but the things you learn might not be relevant a year, or even 6 months from now when Google slaps the web with another update like Penguin and Panda or the next Mark Zuckerberg unveils a brand new social media platform.

You’ve had regular updates from Wealthy Affiliate. On average, when you post a question, it takes 1 minute for a user to get answers.

Can you make good money, if it is so easy?

It’s not easy to do online business. There is not just an immense curve for learning. You have to prepare to spend hours and hours learning and reading to get a good site job. And the selling of franchises is intensely competitive. Many niches have over-saturated now.

While some people may get rich from affiliate sites, there is actually more money in your couch pads than many affiliate sites rake in a monthly manner.


Although the community is awesome and lessons accelerate things, affiliate marketing is certainly something with the abundance of knowledge on the Internet you can educate yourself with.

Wealthy Affiliate lets you build a platform for your own business ads, a really good know-how in this new age. However, other courses do not rely too heavily on recruitment.

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