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The Witches, a Dark Comedy Fantasy Amid Blacks in Action will Release in 2020

“The Witches”, an upcoming American film sparked by dark comedy and fantasy will release in 2020.

Although Hollywood owns a vast library of horror, fantasy films, here it’s going to give us another fantasy film. But this fantasy will be a dark comedy and surely the freakiest.

So, let’s talk about the plot of The Witches. As per the novel version, the Dark Comedy Fantasy follows the story of a boy (played by Jahzir Bruno), his Grandmother who was a witch hunter. So, in the film, we expect to see the Grand High Witch (played by Anne Hathaway) with other witches will plan the children into mouse creatures as the cunning witches hate children. Anyhow, the boy and his grandmother will work to fail the witches’ cunning plan but before this, The Grand High Witch will turn the boy into a mouse.

Surely, The Witches will be the freakiest fantasy of the rest as it will follow a battle among a little boy, his grandmother, and the witches.

Let’s see how the boy who will turn into a mouse but with his mind and voice retained, and his grandmother, succeed to fail the witches’ plan of turning the children into mouses by giving them a potion.

Moreover, let us tell you an interesting fact about The Witches. The roles of the boy and his grandmother, the leading characters will be played Blacks. Jahzir Bruna A.K.A the boy and Octavia Spencer will the role of his grandmother both will be a perfect illustration of Blacks in Action.

Surely, the makers will adapt the story of the novel in a different way, and present it in the form of the film being its twisted version.


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