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The US Navy and an Iranian drone

Us Navy According to, the drone came within the thousand yards, which is actually prohibited.

US Navy Department

The Department of Defense has directly confirmed the happening of such an event. They also claimed that the drone was in fact within a “threatening gap”. It was also reported that the marines present have used a new system called an MRZR LMAD IS — a Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System. US Navy The vehicle is absolutely new and is based on advanced technology. The system altogether is made up of two vehicles, and that is,  “command node,” and the second one, a “sensor node.”

It works very efficiently in tracking down US Navy seal any possible threats.

US Navy This event happened exactly a month after the Iranian army demolished the US spy drone. Moreover, the event has happened in the Same region as well. After this incident, the US army is taking the whole matter more seriously. US Navy The tension is increasing and both countries are doing their best to dodge any dangerous events.

The US army has introduced multiple devices to tackle down the drone and missile attacks by suspected countries. They are also investing in high power machinery to build their defense plan more efficiently.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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