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The song “Pray” by Lawson Jr’Music brings calm and serenity.

Lawson is an artist with a lot of passion, and he is working toward his objective, which is getting closer and closer every day. Nevertheless, the conception, the execution, the writing, and the interpretation of his artistic effort, known as the “Focused” Project, are the most significant ways to encapsulate this excitement. This project was named after the word “focused,” which refers to how it was created.

The Focused Project, Volume 2

The Focused project volume 2 contains the latest song, Pray, which provides spiritual peace to the listener’s body.

The song ‘’Pray.’’

In this song, ”pray ”he is addressed to the Lord ”You are the One who gives life, and I am thankful to you, Lord. You are the One who guides me to the positive aspects of life. You can appease my spirit and fill me with the goodness you bring. I give gratitude for this fact. Therefore, I pray to You to ask for the blessings promised to me now and in the future”.

He moreover expressed,” Dear God, Thank you for your great strength, role in our lives, job, goodness, and blessings upon us. Because of your ability to inspire optimism in us, even in the most trying of circumstances, we are glad for the opportunity to contribute more effectively to the achievement of your goals. I am thankful for the profound love and concern that you have shown toward me throughout this. I am appreciative of the compassion and thoughtfulness that you have shown. We are incredibly appreciative that you will never leave us and are constantly present with us here. I am thankful for the tremendous sacrifice you made for us to have freedom and life. I am in your debt for that. We ask that you pardon us for the moments when we cannot adequately show our thanks to you for everything that you are, everything you have done, and everything you have supplied. Please accept our apologies”.

This song describes his love for Lord and how much he loves and is grateful to Him. You can also listen to this beautiful masterpiece on Spotify and youtube.

Other tracks included in this album;

MAMA, Believe, and Time are other  tracks included in this Album

The Time here is discussing why he changes and other issues. When Lawson realized he couldn’t keep up with the changing world, he vowed to sit down, talk about his life, and explain what he had gone through. He recounted his adventures. The premise of this song is Lawson Jr’s realization that it is critical not to waste time on things that will not benefit him in the long term. His parable about slowing down a fast-moving planet exemplifies his patience. He takes his time to distinguish himself from the crowd. The song’s vibes are available on Spotify.

In the second focus project, Lawson Jr. submitted “MAMA.” This song is a tribute to his mother, who had exclusive custody of him as a child. He expresses gratitude to his lovely mother for raising a youngster who is capable of excelling in any field. He’s grateful to his mother for creating a son who can excel in anything he sets his mind to. He praises the mother of the boy. He apologizes to his mother in this song for not listening to her since he was preoccupied. He admits to being easily distracted and frequently being


Believe” is a song about trusting in love and God. The chorus line “I believe in me and you” inspired the song’s title. To be successful, you must feel you can attain your objectives. You must have confidence in yourself and believe in yourself.

Please maintain your faith in the face of adversity. Keep your faith in the light, the dark, and everything. You must also believe that, despite current difficulties, your life will turn out well. All that is needed is time and space. As a result, he explained, “I chose to disperse this light throughout the universe.” Because this version is mainly for setting a mood, I first put it on Soundcloud. You can now find it on Spotify.

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