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The serenity and style of waterfront properties

Living close to water is for many, the stuff of dreams. Waterfront properties are highly sought after when people are planning holiday retreats, so who wouldn’t want to own one of their own? From scoping out local wildlife to taking a dip in a nearby river, the opportunities to relax and unwind are endless. With house and land packages in Clyde North being close to rivers, lakes and the sea, we explore some of the key benefits of having a home near the water.

Outdoor living

Being closer to the waterfront means you’re further from the city, which usually results in you having more living space. Additional room affords homeowners the opportunity to expand and adapt their property and really maximise their scenic surroundings.

Adding features such as wooden decking overlooking a river means you can have a spacious and enviable al fresco dining area that’s a step above your average BBQ setup. These exterior attributes can be extended to having an outdoor shower and mudroom too, meaning those that enjoy the nearby water sports can clean up before entering the main home.

Unique home design opportunities

When living amongst nature, homes can benefit from beautiful scenery and an abundance of natural light. With this at homeowners’ disposal, there are plenty of ways your home can be improved to really capture the true serenity of the outdoors. A good floorplan needs to be taken into account, to make sure that the correct rooms are situated by the best views. Large windows positioned in the right directions will also capture the best light and scenery. If the house is two-storey, adding a balcony on the first floor means you can continue to enjoy inside/outside living in addition to the ground floor patio. Clever use of wood and glass throughout the interior and exterior of the house and neutral cream and white tones, all give waterfront homes that earthy and beachside look and feel.

Investment opportunity

Getting on the property ladder in the first place is usually a good investment, but even more so if the home is closer to water. Waterside living has long been associated with luxury and status, and thus will always be popular. If the waterfront home is built well and in a desirable locale, it will benefit from an increase in property value in the long term.

People love to holiday by the water, so you will have the added benefit of easily renting your property, and likely at a profit too. Prospective home buyers that desire creative control and opportunity for expansion may prefer a waterfront property over one closer to the city. This means your home could be highly sought-after if you ever chose to sell it.

Peaceful neighbours

As more and more people now work from home, having peace and quiet has never been more important. Those that decide to move closer to lakes, rivers or the sea, usually do so to escape the hustle and bustle of city living in favour of quiet, serene surroundings. This means you’ll likely benefit from respectful and calm neighbours.

It also suggests that you will live near more like-minded people, providing you with the opportunity to easily socialise and be involved in the local community. The benefit of added space often means you will also have ample distance between you and another home. This, coupled with the lack of traffic and urban noise pollution make for optimal peace and serenity.

Benefits of being near nature

The overall benefits of being closer to nature really speak for themselves. Studies have shown that being immersed in nature can impact a variety of things such as lower blood pressure and stress levels, boost self-esteem and enhance the functionality of our immune system. Having a peaceful and serene environment to live in is a great way to increase productivity but also to destress. Living in a waterfront property means you can enjoy holiday mode every day, with the best sunsets and sunrises right outside your window. From having your morning coffee on your balcony overlooking a river to strolling down to a lake or beach after a long day of work, the options to achieve a true sense of calm are endless.

Access to water activities

Being by the water is renowned for providing a multitude of mental and physical health benefits. Besides the beautiful views and hearing birds sing, the close proximity to the water means homeowners and their families can explore a variety of water sports. From sailing to swimming, to paddleboarding, there is a huge range of water hobbies suitable for all ages when you live by the water.

These pastimes not only improve people’s wellbeing but it’s also a good way to socialise with other members of the community. For homeowners that aren’t avid swimmers, there are also more options for boating, fishing and even parks and trails when living closer to water.

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