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The second trimester starts with the fourteenth week of pregnancy

The thirteenth-week closing is announcing the closing of the first trimester. Now, you are officially entering the second trimester of pregnancy. It is nearly the ending of the third month of pregnancy as well. The new things are countable in the fourteenth week of pregnancy mode.

You might be happy with the level up. The new level is here with some unique challenges for you, so you need to take them as a part of the routine to make your days happy and healthy like ever. The more you are tuned with the pregnancy, the more it will be an easy-going phenomenon for you at the moment.

What are the modifications in the second trimester?

The new trimester is talking about some new changes in the body. The modifications are attractive and innovative in adding up with the older ones of the body structure. Following changes will continue in this week:

Lowering of nausea

Now, you will be happy to see the lessening of nausea. It is diminishing with time. Your confidence level is boosting up as the vomiting is also encountered at the moment—the new trimester link with improved work conditions.

Improved appetite

The hunger is developing. It is a lovely symptom with the overcome of vomiting and nausea. Now you need to enjoy the flavors of your choice during fourteenth week of pregnancy, and you may eat well, you may indeed eat a lot. The baby will also demand the food of her/his choice. So it would be best if you considered the food carvings as well. They are also a part of the food demands.

Improved energies

It is the right time to improve your energy level during fourteenth week of pregnancy.The energy level is potential and improved. It helps add to the support of the work in routine days. You may enjoy the walk, exercise, pending tasks, etc.

As the improvement in physical health is supportive, this is why the additional energy package can be a support for the purpose. The investment of the energies in the right place is your duty. It would be best if you were possible to manage the routine work and other liabilities by investing the extra energies.

Mood control

Now, after three months, you have learned a better way to overcome your mood tones. The mood helps manage the affairs of your routine. This can be supported by staying in happy tones. Now things are under the control of proper emotions and brain.

The energies of the body are supporting the mood. Your laziness is declining. Although it is somewhere in you, the elevated level is over now. It would help if you were in a proper mood and the psychological support for the body is a true help.

Light fever plus headaches

Sort of fever can be observed in the late hours of the day or night time during fourteenth week of pregnancy. It is due to the internal hormonal imbalance. It will be for some time, and it will diminish away. This fever is temporary. It would be best if you did not worry about it.

People think that they have minor headaches during pregnancy, but they might be false headaches. It also disappears after a while. It is actually an impact of the body internal issues that result in the pseudo headaches for a while. So, be with it and overcome it.

Specifications in baby during fourteenth week of pregnancy

The baby is also entering the new trimester, so we need to review the specifications of the baby as well. He/she is also part of the process at the moment. Some of the physiological processes of the baby are also in progress.

The shape of the kidney and digestive system is modifying in this trimester. Now the baby is also releasing the extra fluids out of him. The flow is in two way. Mother is providing food and oxygen supply to the baby. In return, the baby is sending her waste and carbon dioxide.

The two ways flow of the things is in the liquid form. This is why the water supply to the mother is an essential feature during the time of pregnancy. It is the main river to take the influx of materials to the fetus properly and timely

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