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The Origin of Gemstones That Jewel Fans Must Know

  1. Myanmar

Located in Southeast Asia, Myanmar’s ancient strong geological activity has contributed to its status as a gem-rich country today. The top quality royal blue in sapphire and the red blood in the ruby ​​are all from Myanmar cute necklaces for girlfriend. The national stone of Myanmar is ruby. In addition, Myanmar also has spinel, tourmaline, olivine and other gemstones.

  1. Brazil

Brazil is the world’s largest producer of gemstones, producing a large quantity of gemstones, such as crystal, tourmaline, topaz, aquamarine and emerald. In particular, there is a mysterious tourmaline with electro-optical light in Brazil. The Paraiba tourmaline personalized birthstone necklace is the king of tourmalines with beautiful color. Under the high price of tens of thousands of dollars per carat, it is still in short supply.

  1. Madagascar

Madagascar is located in the South Indian Ocean and is rich in flora and fauna. On the island, you can see almost all kinds of gems in all colors personalized mother’s rings, emerald, ruby, sapphire, beryl, tourmaline, garnet, feldspar, and even opal… Although many mining areas were discovered relatively late, it does not affect Madagascar as an emerging gem of the world.

  1. Colombia

Colombia has become synonymous with emerald, and the quality of emerald produced each year is almost half of the global market. The jewels necklace photo with full color will naturally attract the ambition of a large number of jewelers. However, due to the civil unrest and social unrest in Colombia, jewelers must be on guard after entering the mine by helicopter.

  1. Tanzania

If you have heard of tanzanite, you must be no stranger to Tanzania. Located in the northeast East Africa near the Kenyan border, it is the only producing area of tanzanite in the world. The calm blue of tanzanite makes the world bewitched. The collectible tanzanite, rich in velvet color, is known as block-d unique treasure, which makes people linger on.

  1. Russia

Russia is sparsely populated and has a vast land area with mineral deposits of various colored stones. As early as the middle of the 17th century, a lot of gemstone was developed. Malachite was discovered in 1635, and later amethyst friendship rings, beryl, topaz and agate, chalcedony, and jasper were discovered. It should be noted that alexandrite produced in Russia is rare and most valuable in terms of color and clarity.

  1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s gem resources are very rich, the main deposits are: ruby, kyanite, garnet and lapis lazuli, among which lapis lazuli should be the most famous. In addition, there are gem-quality kunzite cheap necklaces, ruby ​​and emerald, all of which are high-quality gemstone minerals in Afghanistan. However, many minerals have not undergone detailed investigation and development due to the internal situation in Afghanistan.

  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s gemstones are famous in the world. Sapphire, ruby, gemstone, moonstone, aquamarine, garnet and so on, almost all the high and middle grade colored stones are produced in Sri Lanka, so it is also known as Jewel Island. The reason why there are such rich gem resources is related to its special geological structure. Hawthorns, joint stocks, plains and hills all over the country are rich in gem resources.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is also known as the world’s color gemstone capital, rich in ruby and sapphire. Because of its proximity to Myanmar and Sri Lanka, these world-famous gemstones are also very popular. It is worth mentioning that Thailand is also very outstanding in jewelry processing design, so Thailand’s color gemstone jewelry is sold all over the world and is sought after by tourists from all over the world.

  1. China

In China, there are also rich gem resources, Shandong’s sapphire, Xinjiang’s Hetian jade, Sichuan and Yunnan’s Nanjiang carnelian, etc. Sea sapphire, tourmaline, topaz, garnet, etc. are also produced in China. In addition, Lianyungang in Jiangsu is the home of crystal in China, with a large number of high-quality crystals.

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