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The Must Watch Movies for Kids: Dork Diaries and Captain Underpants

The collection of must-watch movies for kids is unlimited, which delivers useful messages to kids and seems entertaining, idealistic, and fun-filled. Several pictures become children’s favorite and role models generously. If you are reviewing the movies that must not be neglected this year for your kids, how can you forget the two best movies, The Dork Diaries and Captain Underpants, based on two different book series? Here, we’ll review why these two are included in the series of must-watch.


A well-known book series named Dork Diaries was published in June 2009 and is continued till the present. The publisher bringing the book on the screen seems the dream of the fans that are appearing real. People came to be excited when they heard about the launch of this movie. In mid-2015, Rachel Renee Russell announced the production of the movie.

Mark Stephen Waters, the American director, producer, and screenwriter and famous around the world for delivering funny movies was about to be the director of the movie. There were many rumors about the cancelation of the picture for various reasons. No news was published about the movie later on and the trailer was not released also. A great number of movies exist being well-known for their entertainment and fun for the children.

The confirmation of the production of the upcoming movie has not been released yet if it has been shot. Fans of the book series “Dork Diaries” want their favorite movie to be appeared on screen soon and waiting eagerly for the release date and wish that it will release soon.


The movie Captain Underpants is based on the novel published in. It is an enthusiastic as well as comedy movie and was published on 21 May 2017. A low-budget movie produced by Dreamworks Animation Library. But earning positive ratings and reviews from the fans with no hate comments or bullying. The first release of the movie happened in Los Angeles and 2 June in the United States of America, then worldwide. It was released by 20th Century Fox. The first epic movie that released in 2017 worldwide. However; the main plot of the movie relies upon the two school pranksters who hypnotized their principal.

A guy named Mr. Krupp was the main personality of the movie who fingers the bad deeds and crimes happening anywhere and wears a cape and underwear. He thought of himself as the superhero having some superpowers no one else has.

The movie shockingly crossed $125 million over the world in a short time having a budget of only $48 million which is no doubt the best success of history. On 13 July 2018, after such an incredible success, the series named “The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants”. It also released on Netflix and again received endless love from its fans.

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