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The most popular online games for older players

Online games nowadays are plentiful and wide-ranging. There is something out there for everyone, from the high-octane thrill of first-person shooter (FPS) titles such as Call of Duty War Zone to the meditative relaxation of a game on Even though most online gamers are in their 20s and 30s, more and more older people are taking advantage of the wide range of games available online.

Generally speaking, older players prefer a slower-paced gaming experience with more thought diverted to tactics and strategy rather than simply shooting opponents in an FPS title. Many of the first digitized online games were chess or word-based puzzles, but more dynamic modern online options overtook them a while ago. If you’re harking back to old age, never fear. We’re here to help with all the most popular online games for older players!

Online casino games

Online casino games have emerged as some of the most popular choices for older players over the last decade. Next-generation slots and live dealer table games are perfect choices for people missing the classic casino experience. It’s not always easy for older people to visit brick-and-mortar establishments, but you can play at an online casino with a click of a button.

Another advantage of online casinos is the abundance of bonus offers. Players can take advantage of countless welcome promotions, often involving free spins or extra bonus money. Make sure you shop around for the best no deposit casino bonuses, as they can give you a great foundation to start your online casino journey. 

Online bingo

Online bingo is another common option among older players. Bingo has been extremely popular with the senior generation for several decades. The online version has been steadily improving since the early 2000s, attracting millions of players throughout 2022. Countless worldwide platforms now offer a satisfying bingo experience, and you don’t even need to leave the house to experience it.

One key element to bingo for older people is the social factor. Online platforms have advanced instant messaging services alongside the bingo games themselves. Less mobile members of the public can still talk to their friends, further enhancing their enjoyment of one of the world’s longest-running gambling games.

Handheld online games

Although handheld online games are aimed more at younger people, there are numerous great options for the older generation to enjoy. For example, options such as Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch are a calming way to pass the time, and all with the convenience of a small, handheld console. Other great games such as Zelda are also available on the Switch.

If you aren’t interested in Nintendo titles, don’t fret. There are some fantastic PSP options out there nowadays, with older players enjoying titles such as Daxter and The Sims. Alternatively, legacy handheld gaming units such as the Nintendo Color can be nostalgic blasts from the past. The good thing about these games is that they’re typically much simpler than modern versions.

Word games

Word-based puzzle games are extremely popular with the older generation. They typically take longer to complete than games aimed at younger people, requiring a great deal more patience and tactical thinking. Wordle is arguably the most popular option nowadays. Designed by Josh Wardle, the simple puzzle game has millions of users every single day. Not only is it great fun, but people around the world also value it as a reason to regularly keep in touch with older relatives.

If Wordle isn’t your cup of tea, don’t forget about legacy options such as online crosswords, word searches or scrabble. There are countless versions of these classics out there, either on desktops or mobile apps.

Strategy games

Strategy games are similar to word-based puzzles in the amount of brain power required to be successful. Sites such as are particularly popular with the older generation, especially friendship groups keen on chess and online social interaction.

Chess isn’t the only option either, as other strategy games such as checkers and board games are also easily found online. A great way to train the brain and have fun at the same time!

Jigsaw puzzles

Real-life jigsaw puzzles are space-consuming and impractical. On the other hand, online jigsaw puzzles can give you the same satisfaction without any of the downsides. You can either play individually or with friends, so it’s another great option for social fun.

It doesn’t have to be just jigsaw puzzles, as online puzzle sites have plenty of different games. Sweepstakes sites such as Publishers Clearing House are a great place to experience everything on offer.


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