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The Most Iconic Slot Symbols

Slot machines are being developed and released on a regular basis. If you visit any leading online casino, you will find a section with a new collection of slots, and part of the slot development process is creating symbols. The slot symbols are the images on the reels, and these play a significant role in every slot game. Slot symbols have been in use for many years, even before online casinos existed, and below, we look more closely at some of the most iconic slot symbols.

Fruit Machines

The early slots were often called fruit machines and that was because of the fruit symbols on the reels. If you were to search for a retro online slot game, there is a good chance it will feature fruit symbols. Cherries, oranges, bananas, grapes, and melons often appeared on the reels of slot machines, and they have become some of the most iconic slot symbols. Bells and horses were also some of the early slot symbols.

The Bell-Fruit Gum Company was one of the leading slot machine manufacturers and they included a bar of their gum on the reels. This symbol has since developed into the bar symbol, which is one of the most common slot symbols. The lucky number 7 is another of the most iconic slot symbols from the early slot machines. The number 7 is linked to fortune and prosperity and that is why it was chosen by slot machine developers as the symbol every player wanted to see in the winning line.

Playing Card Symbols

Some of the modern online slots prefer to use playing card symbols on the reels in place of fruit symbols. These have come iconic for online slots and there are thousands of online slot games that use playing card symbols, with hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades plus the numbers and picture cards all used on slot games.

Modern Adaptations

Thanks to the development of online slots, the creativity of slot game creators mean we now have a wide range of slot symbols when playing at online casinos. The starburst slot has become one of the world’s most popular online slots and has a different take on the iconic slot symbols. When playing Starburst, you will see assorted colour gems on the reels, including yellow, green, purple, orange, and blue. There is also an expanding star symbol, and this can be used to trigger a special feature on the slot. Despite the fact Starburst has moved away from the traditional slot symbols, there are two symbols used on the online slot that remain the same as the early slot machines. There is a bar sphere and a 7 sphere, and these are both nods to the iconic slot symbols of yesteryear, as highlighted above.

With new online slots released on a weekly basis, we are becoming accustomed to seeing original symbols on slots. The symbols are tailored to the theme of the slot game and this adds to the overall experience of playing a themed slot. However, you will notice the most iconic slot symbols continue to be used on slot games today, including Starburst.

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