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The most extravagant features in celebrity homes!!!

Celebrity homes have jaw-dropping views and star-studded amenities. Most people want to have the same features and appearance in their homes. If you are constructing a new home and considering relocating to it then complete the relocation with the help of movers Manhattan. Here you will get to know about the mega-mansion features that you can add to your home as well. Check out these right now:


These days, many celebrities have personal theatres in their homes. Rihanna is one of those celebrities who have one at her home. The big theatre takes the entertainment to another level making her enjoy her time in the best way.

Trampoline Room

Bill gates is the richest man in the entire world therefore having something different, unique, and expensive at his mansion is not a big thing. His home has a room that took 7 years to complete. It is massive with a large number of trampolines and very high ceilings.

Bowling Alley

When Lady Gaga is no bus in lighting up the stage with her infectious smile and singing then she might be bowling at her mansion. Her home contains a two-lane bowling alley that is located at a lower level. Tennis star Maria Sharapova also has a bowling alley in her house present in Los Angeles.

Private water park

Celine Dion owns a beautiful personal landscape with a water park. The singer and all-around diva certainly know about living lavishly. The home does not only have a lavish pool but also a lot of gardens and scenic beauty is present around. It clocks in at six acres and features oceanfront views.  The water-pool also has water slides and a lazy river making it grand.

Wine cave

Oprah Winfrey has a wine cave at her home. Her home is no exception and had a tressure of high-end amenities including a wine cellar. It has 1,600 bottles in it. To add a cave-like feeling to the atmosphere, it has features with the sounds of creaking wood and dripping water making it perfect.

Infinity pool

An infinity pool is there at Michael Jordan’s huge house. The house is located in Chicago and it is huge. A lavish cigar room is also present in it. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz also have an extra-long infinity pool present at their home.


This mini-mansion works as a playhouse at the home of Kylie Jenner. Her daughter, Stormi used to play into it. The playhouse has everything including appliances, AC, and much more.

Massive closets

With the active lifestyles including high-profile events, celebrities these days have massive closets present at their villas to add clothing and accessory choices. Kris Jenner has a multi-room closet. Many other big celebrities have huge closets and wardrobes containing designer clothes, shoes, purses, and much more.

Shark pool 

Rapper Lil Wayne’s former mansion present in Miami state has an indoor shark pool. Yes, this might surprise you but it is a fact.

Golf course

Jennifer Lopez has 3000 square foot penthouse which has abundant outdoor space into it. The home has a golf course on the roof. Not just that, an elevator is present there only for her and her visitors.

West Coast farm

Oprah has a large west coast farm in California house. The farm has an abundance of citrus trees and a two-acre avocado grove that makes it lavish and huge. The name of the mansion in Montecito. She harvests avocadoes on her very own grave and there is no shortage of it.

Jet runway

John Travolta has a huge jet runway present at the front of a jet house and he now has two. The property is a part of Jumbolair aviation estates where he has these two runways. These lead directly to the front door of his house.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Celebrities are regularly having homes with lots of features across the country. These homes have different and more expensive amenities than the others and usual homes. They try to add their personal style to their mansions. Now, these features might have blown your mind. But it is all about the money, if you have then you can also have the modern amenities at your home.

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