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The Importance Of Doing Good In The COVID-19 Era

The Importance Of Doing Good In The COVID-19 Era

Doing good not only helps others but also helps us personally. That is especially true nowadays when nothing seems certain and the world is in disarray because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Research has been done to link kindness to numerous physical and emotional benefits, including lower stress levels and a calmer flight-or-fight response. You may also experience improved cardiovascular health, grow stronger physically, and find new coping skills to help you get through the current situation. With that, let’s take a closer look at the importance of doing good in the COVID-19 era.

Gain Better Coping Skills

Due to COVID-19, many have been thrown into isolation, but a little kindness and goodwill can go a long way to remedy this. Doing good allows us to foster connections with others and provides us with purpose and meaning in our life. It is a highly beneficial way to put our values into practice within our community.

Diminish Negative Thoughts

Doing good can also reduce any negative thoughts that might pop in and out of our mind during this time. How we are feeling is often related to what we are doing at any given time. So if we are being kind and generous, then our emotions will reflect this.

Learn To Give Back

Volunteering and giving back during the pandemic is another wonderful way to show your support to those in the community. It can help create a greater sense of solidarity as well as you join together and connect with others who wish to give back as well.

Alter One’s Self-Perception

In doing good during the COVID-19 era, we will be able to change our self-perception. It allows us to build our self-esteem and confidence while learning new skills and finding ways to help others. This can help if we find ourselves in a bad mood as it will lead us to think more positively. Those positive thoughts can then be used to boost the morale of others.

What Can We Do?

Now that you have a better grasp of the importance of doing good in the COVID-19 era, what is it that you can do? For starters, you can follow WHO guidelines and follow through with proper handwashing practices, socially distance, and avoid crowded areas.

You can also educate your family, your friends, and the community while sharing awareness online and in person. It is important to be responsible with what you share to avoid misinformation.

You can volunteer within your community too. If there are older or immunocompromised individuals near you, offer to shop for them or pick up their medicine. Healthcare workers are in high demand, so they may require extra childcare during this time as well. Another option is finding a reliable charity to donate your money and time to.


To connect with other like-minded people during the pandemic and find more inspiration for doing good in your community, visit Goodnet today. It lets you communicate with others, find local organizations you can provide assistance with, and read stories to inspire you.

Goodnet was founded by Shari Arison, and it is aimed at creating positive change in the world. Doing good is more important today than ever before, so visit Goodnet to see how you can help those in need.

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