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The Guide to Home Electronic Drum Kits

Choosing the first home electronic drum set can be an overwhelming task even for professional drummers with years of experience on classic kits. Electronic home kits are gaining more and more popularity due to a variety of benefits, including loads of sound options, plug-and-play recording, and, what is more important, silent practice. You can take your favorite earphones and enjoy playing 24/7 without disturbing your neighbors and even the household. Want these benefits but don’t know what to look for? Read this buyer’s guide by, and you’ll be able to pick the best set.

What Do You Need?

First of all, you have to decide what your purpose is. If you are looking for a quiet kit for home drumming practice, you should opt for kits with mech heads and pre-installed training programs for different music styles. You don’t need a huge sound library for that! But if your aim is to get a versatile kit for recording in the studio, an extensive sound library may become even more important than other features.

Studio kits usually have more advanced triggers and more versatile audio interfaces. Live performance devices are quite similar to studio ones but can be stylized to match the style of a band. You’re not likely to choose one of these for home use. It’s also important to decide whether an electronic home drum kit is your main or supplement instrument. That will provide you with a better understanding of how advanced and expensive it should be. You should also read about computer repairs Brisbane.

Grow Together

If you are already an acoustic drum player, you know that it’s quite simple to upgrade your kit by replacing a cymbal or a snare. Electronic kits are different. If you can predict that you will want to change something soon, you’d better look for a set with extra inputs for extra pads, USB interfaces, and drum sound libraries that could be expanded via a computer or smartphone.


Actually, you can get a beginner electronic drum kit for the same price as beginner acoustic kits. For a few hundred dollars, you will get simple modules with a basic set of triggers and a rudimentary sound library. The cool thing is that you get much more than acoustic kits offer for the same price! Of course, if you want to get a premium feel and sound quality close to high-quality acoustic sets, get ready to pay around $1,500 or even much more.

Training Features to Look For

If your main purpose is to practice, you have to look for particular training features. While the metronome is always built-in, additional training features are not as common. Look for learner-type kits with pre-installed lessons and play-along capabilities. An AUX input or Bluetooth streaming will let you play along with your favorite tracks without delays.

Next, you should give preference to mesh-covered heads as they’re quieter and feel very similar to acoustic drums, which makes it easier for you to transfer skill. Finally, your future kit configuration must be convenient enough for you. Look for pads of the right size and make sure that you can use them painlessly. It’s also important to pick the right cymbal pads as all manufacturers offer different designs.

Home Studio Kit Features

Looking for a universal electronic drum kit for your home studio. You should be looking for a sturdy solution that will be able to survive long and aggressive sessions. It should also be easily adjustable for different music styles and configurations as studio recording is a limitless field for experimenting. A robust sound library is what you really need to be ready for constant creative search. Actually, the best solution will be to get an easily-programmable kit. The kit allows quick customizing via a computer or your smartphone.

“Drumming” Up

Using these uncomplicated tips, you can make a well-considered decision and become a happy drummer who can play at home anytime without worries. An electronic kit will surprise you with a variety of capabilities, adjustability, and (if you get a premium one) with an authentic feeling. It’s the best solution for practicing, taking lessons from home, recording drum parts for songs, and just having fun when you have some spare time.

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