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The benefits of instagram’s for the celebrities like Sem Graham

If you are the user of the social media then you must have seen around the world that the social media is used by every type of person even if that is the famous celebrity.  Not everyone who is using the Instagram account and similar social media profiles are just using it for a gimmick but in fact there are many people who have used the social media for their benefit and by the effort. For example the social media celebrity who is from Utah and she has used the Instagram account to become the stable person when in reality she was living in a homeless time in her childhood.

When you look at her right now then you realize that she was the girl with the golden spoon from her childhood but in reality this is not something which she experienced.  At the age of 7 she got into the accident along with her mother and younger sister and in that accident her mother got permanently crippled. Because of the permanent disability from her mother the home in which she was living was like a living hell.  Her parents were abusing and also they were not helping her out in her Passion of becoming the model.  In fact because of her mother and her father she decided to move from Florida to Utah.

In Utah she decided to pursue her goal of becoming the model but there were not many Agencies available who can hire her. She started her career by participating in a local modelling contest and by becoming the winner in that contest she became a celebrity in a night.

That success didn’t last long because it was not a professional life she was living and she wanted to become the professional modelling sensation in Utah but they were not many people who were willing to hire her.  She was living in a car and because of that she was living a life which she didn’t want and that is why she got the job in the fast food restaurant.  That job was only paying her that she was eating something. It is very sad to know that she was living even in bad situation by drinking the juice and eating the Protein bars. Very long time she was living in a car because she couldn’t afford the motel.

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This situation didn’t stop her to pursue her goal of becoming the model and one day one of our videos became viral on Instagram.  Within no time she has got 25000 followers on Instagram account by the pictures she was usually posting on Instagram.  On Instagram she was able to attract many of the viewers by the pictures which were not very good when you compare it with the others but because of the changing of the Strategies and the locations of the pictures people were getting more interested to know that what she brought today. She became good and rich individual and today by her effort, she has the house of her own.

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