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The best strategies for betting on Blackjack

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular table games in online casinos because it is a game with relatively simple rules and, therefore, not very difficult to learn.

Blackjack is a game that combines luck with statistics, which is why you can apply certain strategies to tip the balance in your favor.

Of course, to apply these strategies, it is necessary to dedicate a lot of time to studying the game and practicing at legit online casinos.

If you want to improve your game and learn the betting strategies used by the experts, continue reading because, in this article, we will tell you all about it.

The most popular blackjack betting strategies

The strategies for blackjack are many and varied. Some are pretty simple, and others are more complex. Here we will explain how many players use three essential and very popular strategies to bet on blackjack at legit online casinos work. Let’s see what they are!

Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is a negative progression system based on the theory that you will eventually win consistently. Sound weird? Wait, let us explain.

This strategy works as follows, every time you lose, you must double your bet. Before you think it’s crazy, let us continue. Let’s take the following example: you started the game with a $5 bet, which you lost; then, on the next hand, you must bet $10. So on and forth; if you lose that hand, you must bet $20 on the next hand.

Eventually, you will win a hand, and thanks to the fact that you have progressively increased your bets, your payout will be much higher than if you had bet the same $5 each hand.

However, it is necessary to clarify that this strategy is suitable for those with a large gambling budget and players who like betting big. You should also note that it is common for blackjack players to lose many hands in a row; it is possible to go through a streak of more than ten losing hands. Therefore, if you do not have a huge budget, this strategy cannot be applied, as it will leave you out of money in no time.

Winning streak strategy

This strategy is only for those who love to take risks. It is a positive progression system that proposes to double the bets every time you win a hand. In other words, the opposite of the Martingale strategy.

Let’s see an example. Suppose you start with a $5 bet and win; in that case, you should double the bet to $10 and keep that number until you win again. If you win again, you must bet $20, and so on.

You should note the following; if you are on a winning streak, it is advisable to slow down after several winning hands; otherwise, you may end up broke in a single hand. Like the previous strategy, this system is only advisable when you have a large budget.

Steady betting strategy

Now it is time to mention a simpler strategy for those players who prefer to avoid big risks. The steady betting strategy is straightforward; it is always to bet the same amount during the whole game, regardless of the circumstances.

This strategy allows you to avoid big losses since you will always know your bet, allowing you to plan your hands more quickly. It is a very consistent game methodology that keeps you away from major risks and surprises. Very suitable for those players who are not interested in winning big pots in a single hand or a few hands but only intend to play quietly and continuously for a long time.


These strategies are based on different betting methods according to each player’s style of play. Applying them does not guarantee success, but it does favor the chances of winning more money. Find the best strategy for you and give it a try!

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