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The background of JayR City and information about his new single, “Nice and Slow.”

JayR City, an R&B rapper and musician from Cleveland, Ohio, displays the power of diversity as an artist. JayR has established a reputation for himself by combining the two abilities and creating original songs as well as clever covers. JayR has been displaying his variety by releasing hit after hit in anticipation for his debut single, Progression to Greatness, that will be available to stream worldwide on August 30th.

Brief History

  • South Excessive Faculty in Cleveland, Ohio, was where he completed his study.
  • He works with a variety of artists and sponsors a number of different brands.
  • The flame that fueled him to follow his ambitions and passions was his fascination with his profession and his constant drive to carve out a separate niche for himself in life.
  • He is a creative thinker and a driven individual who works with concentration and determination to make dreams a reality.
  • On YouTube, his popular tune “Excessive” has received over 15,000 views.

JayR City was raised in a conservative, Christian inner-city family where he had been exposed to drugs, violence, and poverty at an early age. Unfortunately, instead of expressing his thoughts and feelings about his surroundings, he was supposed to remain mute. When he was nine years old, he found a means to express his feelings via music when he heard Tupac’s Strictly for My N***** in his elder sister’s CD collection. The songs illustrated how rapping could be utilized to highlight everyday concerns, leading JayR to follow suit. As a consequence, he started creating his raps to deal with the upheaval in his life, and he discovered his voice. He used social media channels like Instagram to spread his message, and he soon noticed that people were paying attention. It offered him the courage to pursue work seriously, allowing him to establish a following of people who could identify with his feelings.


JayR City’s career has skyrocketed since then. After releasing his debut music video for his song “Foreign” in 2017, the R&B singer & rapper had no plans to slow down. By the following year, JayR had published his song “HiGH,” which piqued listeners’ interest in his first project, July 2nd, which was released in September and received over 80,000 listens. Last year, JayR tapped into a different side of his talent by sampling iconic R&B tunes like T-“Shawty” Pain’s and Summer Walker’s “Come Thru” and giving them his spin. Following the popularity of his cover songs, JayR has released a new song called “Nice and Slow,” which samples Ari Lennox’s “BMO” and slows down the vocals to complement his sensuous lyrics with a seductive tone.

“HiGh” is a decent R&B single that reminds me of Bryson Tiller throughout the song. JayR does a great job of keeping his rapping and R&B tunes distinct for the most portion. That said, I could see JayR making a profit on hooks for musicians in the vein of “Lotus Flower Bomb.” He gives his music a sex appeal that isn’t cheap or obnoxious but instead balanced with insightful and beautiful lyrics.

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