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The 5 Most Fatal Causes of Car Accidents

On average, ninety Americans lose their life in a car accident every day.

But what causes them? There are certain factors that can amount to the difference between a dent in the paint job and the loss of a loved one.

To stay as safe on the road as possible, it is essential that you educate yourself about the five most fatal causes of car accidents. Keep reading to learn more, including what you can do to avoid them.


It might come as a surprise, but the number one cause of fatal car accidents isn’t drunk drivers. It’s also not people speeding through red lights trying to do their best Fast and the Furious impression.

It’s distraction.

The road is a complicated series of interactions happening at speed, so you need to pay attention to it. Sending a text message, checking your phone, or eating food are three common culprits for taking your eyes off the road.

If you’re the driver of a car, it’s your duty to pay full attention to the task at hand.


Speed limits exist for a reason.

They take in to account a number of factors such as twists and turns in the road, nearby houses, and the local population. Then they work out the chance of you needing to stop suddenly.

The faster you drive, the longer it takes you to stop. Speeding was a contributing factor to 26% of all car fatalities in 2018.

As well as observing speed limits at all times, be sure to take things such as weather conditions into account and adjust your speed accordingly.

Substance Misuse

Alcohol and drugs affect both your focus and your ability to function behind the wheel. Even prescription drugs can impair your ability to drive a car safely.

If you want to avoid paying the cost of a personal injury lawyer, always appoint a designated driver if drinking is on the evening’s agenda.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions have a huge impact on a person’s ability to control a car. Rain and snow can cause road surfaces to become slippy and increase the chance of skidding, as well as impairing visibility.

Even driving in hot temperatures can result in sun dazzle and glare. Dehydration can lead to a lack of focus. Tarmac can even soften under hot temperatures, creating slippery patches of road.

Reckless Driving

Complacency can lead to recklessness, as can a sense of urgency.

We’ve all done it at some point:

  • Running a red light
  • Illegal passing
  • Attempting to weave through traffic
  • Ignoring road signs
  • Driving over the speed limit

Maybe you’re going to be late for a meeting, or traffic is bad and you’ve had a long day. Some people might even argue that they’ve been driving for twenty years and they know what they’re doing.

No matter your reason, always drive carefully and adhere to the rules of the road.

Now You Know the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

With these common causes of car accidents in mind, hopefully you’re better equipped to avoid them.

Remember that you’re not the only person behind a wheel. You should always remain extra-vigilant on the road, as you never know what might happen next.

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