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The 10 Best Saved By The Bell Characters Ranked!

Fans get a sense of melancholy when they think of Saved by the Bell, and some characters stick out due to their dynamic personalities and important roles in the program. This article ranks the Top 10 Saved by the Bell Characters; you may recognize them.

The 10 Best Saved By The Bell Characters Ranked

Characters from Saved by the Bell are largely responsible for the show’s ability to evoke pleasant memories, such as the plot involving Jessie and her caffeine pills and the relationship between Zack and Kelly. Each of them stands out in its own unique manner and is given a distinct personality right from the beginning. Zack is the one who causes trouble, Kelly is the popular teen, Lisa is the trendy one, Screech is the geek, Jessie is the activist, and Slater is the charming one.

Some of the Saved By the Bell characters are unquestionably more well-crafted than others, particularly when contrasted with the show’s primary cast members and the supporting cast members who serve as the protagonists’ pals or romantic interests.

Jessie Spano

Jessie is the best-written and developed.
Jessie is the best-written and developed

Of all the characters in Saved by the Bell, Jessie is the most well-written and developed. She identifies as a feminist, takes an interest in politics, and is certain that she will one day make a difference in the world (or at least whatever town or city she ends up in).

In the second season episode titled “Jessie’s Song,” Jessie develops an addiction to caffeine pills. This not only enables the program to teach its audience a valuable lesson, but it also demonstrates to viewers that Jessie is a sensitive, insecure, and sympathetic character. To put it simply, all she wants is to do well in high school so that she may do well in life once she graduates from Bayside High.

Lisa Turtle

Lisa is the most fashionable and fashion-conscious character, and this is one of the reasons why she is such an important member of the buddy group. Other characters in Saved by the Bell sometimes wear bizarre costumes, but Lisa is always the most fashionable.

Because she is courageous, always remains loyal to who she is, and her scenes demonstrate both her enormous compassion and sense of humor, Lisa is one of the most intriguing characters on this much-loved program. Lisa, in contrast to Kelly, who is preoccupied with her personality, and Zack, who often gets himself into problems, seems to have a level mind and decent judgment.

Zack Morris

Zack Morris
Zack Morris

Even though Zack is always getting into trouble because he revels in playing practical jokes and doesn’t give any thought to the consequences of his actions in advance, it is impossible to ignore him since he is the primary character. Even if he’s not the nicest guy all the time, Zack is the character who most viewers link most closely with the program, and the show’s stories would go in a drastically different direction if he weren’t there.

Zack is one of the better characters on the program since he has a cheerful, gregarious, and cheeky nature, which makes it enjoyable to watch the situations in which he is featured. Even while his followers want him to mature and prove that he has learned from his past errors, the engaging and humorous narratives that result from his acts have them coming back for more.

Richard Belding

The principal of Bayside High School may not be the most well-liked member of the teaching faculty, but he is without a doubt one of the most important characters in Saved By the Bell, and his influence simply cannot be disregarded. Without Mr. Belding looking out for Zack and working with him to improve both his academic performance and his character, the program wouldn’t have the same warm and fuzzy feelings that it does at times. Fans are able to see that Mr. Belding does care for Zack, despite the fact that Zack doesn’t appreciate the detention or the methods that Mr. Belding attempts to assist him.


Screech is a kind, sensitive and scared guy.
Screech is a kind, sensitive and scared guy.

Fans are able to understand that Screech is a nice, sensitive, and frightened guy who only wants to be famous since his pals treat him poorly. This is something that Screech’s buddies do. Screech is always in character since he is the geeky guy in his social group. Although it might be frustrating to watch him constantly be the punch line of jokes, it is difficult to envision the program without his upbeat attitude and sense of optimism.

Jeff Hunter

However, even though Jeff is a jerk and treats Kelly poorly, he is a crucial part of her love past, and his presence on the program causes Zack to be envious, which helps to create the required drama. Because Jeff is much older than Kelly, she finds him intriguing and decides to end her relationship with Zack to focus on Jeff.

But when she sees him kissing another woman, she recognizes that he is a negative influence on her and that it is time for her to move on. Kelly gains valuable insight as a result of this encounter, which teaches her that she must advocate for herself, locate a partner who respects her with respect, and maybe even see Zack in a more favorable perspective due to the fact that he cares about her.

Stacey Carosi

Zack works at the Malibu Sands Beach Club at the time
Zack works at the Malibu Sands Beach Club at the time

When Zack first meets Stacey, he is immediately smitten with her, and it looks as if she may be his one true love, even more so than Kelly. Zack is employed at the Malibu Sands Beach Club at the time. Zack eventually finds out that her father is the owner of the club, and this causes him a great deal of concern.

Stacey is an essential character because she prompts the other students at Bayside High School to discuss topics like wealth, social status, and privilege, which is not something that often occurs at the school. It is also amusing to witness Zack interact with a potential romantic partner.

Kelly Kapowski

Kelly is always completely herself, whether she is singing, having a crush on Jeff and Zack, or just hanging out with her friends. Kelly’s fans adored the bond that she had with Zack, and she always put her fans first. Although she is not nearly as captivating as some of the other students, Kelly is as popular with the audience as she is with her high school classmates. She is a pretty average adolescent girl who likes receiving the attention and adoration of people; yet, she may have a few tales that center on her discovering who she is or on concentrating on something other than dating.

Violet Bickerstaff

Violet is a kind and charming high school student who develops feelings for Screech. Additionally, she is relatable since she has a passion for singing but believes that she has a poor voice and that she shouldn’t pursue this interest. Violet is a better character than some of the other minor characters who aren’t remembered at all, although she is a poorly developed character and that most of her moments are spent with Screech once the two of them start dating. For example, viewers mainly remember Tori wearing her beloved leather jacket, but Violet has left a little more of an impact than she did.

A.C. Slater

Slater exhibits occasional sexism.
Slater exhibits occasional sexism

During the Saved by the Bell revival, Slater goes through a lot of changes, but he keeps his sweet personality the whole time. Additionally, he is one of the most fascinating characters that the program has to offer. It is a fact that Slater is sometimes sexist, and he needs to mature and gain a great deal of knowledge. Because he is a part of the program, Jessie can take the spotlight and talk about how her boyfriend has to treat her better; this is an essential plot point for a show centered on teens.

So, The 10 Best Saved By The Bell Characters who are ranked is today’s topic, you can read it in the article.

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