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The 10 Best Royalty-Free Music Sites In 2022

We are sure you all know how important music is in any video production to keep your users/audience engaged. Ignore the music, and your audience will ignore you. Well, contracting with a commercial music producer can be a little more expensive, right? It is the point where royalty-free music comes into the game. There are several best royalty-free music sites out there. From where you can choose different tracks for your videos and many other things. 

In this article, we will list the best 10 Royalty-Free Music sites. Where you can get the Best Royalty-Free Music. Both in paid and free versions. Also, we are going to inform you about how much it will cost for each track and monthly subscription. Now without any ado, let’s start reading.

AudioJungle (From $1)

AudioJungle offers its users a fantastic amount of the Best Royalty-Free Music. 998,470 or more are available on this site. You can start by getting a little as $1. And even free of cost sometimes. The search engine is great and the site itself is fantastic and super easy to use. 

When you will start searching, you will be able to see the music’s ratings. Ratings will be according to its users (how many starts they gave to the track). Also, the number of downloads, etc. Moreover, AudioJungle offers a monthly freebie package to its users. You can download the package and use it completely free. 

EnovoMusic ($29 up to $200)

EnovoMusic offers a ton of variety of the best royalty-free music to its users. Also, it contains many different genres on its site. This site is also simple to use. However, if we are comparing it to AudioJungle, this site does not provide ratings with their tracks. But still, the tracks sound awesome. Moreover, they also offer discounts to their users. Discounts are based on your purchase, the more you purchase the more you can get a high discount. If you want to buy a track for your youtube, videos, etc then it will cost $29. And, the more you will reach, the higher it’s going to cost. (That is $200). 

Premium Beat ($49 up to $199)

Premium Beat, a site that has been owned by Shutterstock. Shutterstock is a fantastic and best-known stock image repository of the web right now. It will also take place in the SEO trends 2022 to beat the heat. The website is sleek and extra easy to use. Also, browsing all the tracks is super fast. And, the search engine is also pretty useful while helping you in no time when you are finding the best royalty-free music tracks. The genre range is also wide Acoustic, Dance/Techno, Pop, all the way to Games, Film Scores, etc. The price of the STANDARD track is $49 and for the PREMIUM track, the price is $199. 

Pond5 ($15 up to $940)

Pond5 is the largest and best royalty-free music site available. Not only the best royalty-free music, but they also offer their users Video, Sound effects, After Effects, and Images. However, if we are talking about pricing, it can be pretty expensive. Paying for each track (individual) can cost $15. And, the monthly partnership costs $190 and $940 in which you can respectfully download 10 files. (Each Month). 

Hook sounds (Free up to $580)

Hooksound is also the best royalty-free music site available right now! Users can access different tracks with different genres including originals to Cinematic, Corporate, Electronic, Ambient, Rock, and more.

And, if you want to know about pricing, there are two options: pay for each track or a monthly subscription package. 

The monthly subscription is $29. Now, we got a different thing here, for each track you have to pay $24, $49, or $580! Depending on the use of that track. 

Audioblocks ($9 up to $65)

Audioblocks is also a site just like Pond5. Audioblocks is not just the best royalty-free music repository. They also offer Video, Sound effects, loops, and Images to their users! 

And now the pricing, Audioblocks is a monthly subscription-based site. You need to pay $9-, $15-, and $65 per month.

YouTube Audio Library (Free)

The Youtube Audio Library is completely free, yes you heard right it’s free! And of course one of the best royalty-free music resources. It will offer you music tracks and also sound effects too, which you can use in your videos. 

You can flow by genre, mood, instrument, duration, and if they re-attribution or not. You can have them for free, yes! To be honest, Youtube Audio Library is a fantastic resource. 

Soundstripe ($11.25 to $21/mo. )

Soundstripe is a subscription-based site available. It means you can’t buy just to use a single track in a month. But we count this also as the best royalty-free music site available. However, this also means that you can get unlimited tracks each month. And, the price is also going to be impressive. There are some of the cheapest ones out there starting from $11.25 to $21 per month. It gets Recommended! 

Music Vine ($13.99 to $19.99/mo.)

Music vine is a bit newbie in this scene. This site does not have hundreds of thousands of tracks. Like the other sites, we mentioned above. But yes, also one of the best royalty-free music sites. Currently, they have 4018 tracks from 248 artists.

Now let’s discuss pricing, we will not take you that far. We will simply suggest you pay for a subscription package, which will cost you between $13.99 up to $19.99.

FoxiMusic ($39 up to $129)

Foximusic is also one of the best royalty-free music available on the web right now. This site does not offer a monthly based subscription package. You have to pay for each track you download, and after that, you can use that track anywhere you want. 

And now the pricing, the range starts from $39, if you are using the track on YouTube or any other social media platform. If you want to use the track for television and stuff, it will cost you $129. 



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