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Telegram Features One Must Know

If you are still a WhatsApp user or using any app other than WhatsApp, you would be surprised to know the benefits of Telegram. That will make you start using Telegram instead of using other applications. Moreover, there are different features in the Telegram. That make it different from other platforms. You can also check Telegram Channels if you’re interested in them.

But if you believe that Telegram is the future, and you have started using it earlier, here is a list of those features of Telegram. That are often unnoticed by the users. These can convince you to use Telegram and are as follows:

Several phone numbers

It is quite difficult to transfer all of your contact numbers onto a new phone number. Sometimes, you happen to change your phone number on which you are using an application. Telegram can move your contacts from one contact number to another contact number without losing any contact number or any chats.

Changing the phone number on Telegram is quite easy. You need to open Settings, click on your phone number, and click on Change Number. Follow the instructions that appear on your phone’s screen. All of your messages will be transferred to your new phone number. Your new number will be automatically added to your previous contacts.

Multiple Telegram accounts can help you keep your personal and professional lives separate. You will not need to use different messaging applications.

Multiple Display Pictures

Telegram helps you upload several profile pictures. You can upload as many profile pictures as you want. The latest picture you upload becomes the display picture that your contacts can see. They can see the rest of the photos by swiping.

Open the Settings, and tap on the Camera icon to upload your display picture. Every time you upload a picture will not remove the previous pictures.

Secret Chats

Message history is the most interesting part of your mobile phone when it comes to private information. With Telegram, you can keep your chats private and secret.

Secret chats use end-to-end encryption, and are Telegram’s servers do not record these chats. These are deleted from your phone after a particular time. The people who are concerned about keeping their information secure and private can use Telegram for this purpose.

Customizing your Telegram

Telegram offers you an option to manage and create your custom theme. You can reset it and make your Telegram looks exactly the way you want it.

If you want to customize your Telegram, you need to go to the Settings-Theme and tap onto Create New Theme. You can edit according to your choice. You can paint and make changes to make it look the way you want. Already made themes are accessible for those who do not want to spend time in creating a new theme.

Click on the Search icon and search for the themes already available on Telegram.  The chat background image can also be customized in Telegram.

Telegram Bots

Chatbots are always there in digital communication. Bots do not replace your applications; still, they are helpful. Bots recover different types of information and thus improve performance. Several bots are available on Telegram. You can choose the bots that suit you better.


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