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Surrogate mother in Ukraine: legislation, parental rights, cost

The legal status and financial obligations towards surrogate mothers vary dramatically from country to country. At first glance, it may seem that countries, where surrogacy has allowed on a non-profit basis, are the best choice. However, in this article, we will clearly describe why Ukraine with its commercial surrogacy is a much more profitable and risk-free direction for couples in need of high-quality reproductive medicine.

The first thing you need to know about Ukrainian surrogacy is it is legal and encouraged, clearly regulated by the Civil and Family Codes. Second – the law reliably protects genetic parents, excluding the possibility of a surrogate mother to keep the child. The couple is also exempt from paperwork when issuing a birth certificate. The mother and father have listed in it directly. Bypassing the process of parental rights termination (as in the Czech Republic).

Non-profit Surrogacy:

In countries with non-profit surrogacy (Australia, Canada, UK). A married couple does not pay a fee to a woman carrying a child. But covers her needs during pregnancy. However, this has not about savings on the reproductive program. High prices for medical, legal and other related services, lack of guaranteed programs (if IVF failed or the pregnancy terminated – repeated procedures have held after a new payment) can make the bill six-digit. And still without guarantee to become parents. The need to pay a fee to a surrogate woman in Ukraine has compensated by moderate prices on medical procedures and guaranteed programs.


At the Feskov Human Reproduction Group, the cost of a surrogate mother is included in the cost of the whole program, together with the unlimited number of embryo transfers, PGD diagnostics, which excludes chromosomal pathologies of the fetus; living in a hotel or apartments of “Comfort” and “VIP” class with three meals a day and legal support. Future parents can choose a surrogate mother from the clinic database. So get to know her personally or by video chat, or entrust this role to their relative or close friend (in the absence of medical contraindications). All programs at professor Feskov’s Center of Human Reproduction are guaranteed. This means that a married couple who have concluded a contract. Also; once paid for the required service package will certainly become parents of a healthy child. Feedback from happy parents on our YouTube channel is the most reliable confirmation of our capabilities.