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Struggle And Goals Of Faiz Imran

Struggle And Goals Of Faiz Imran

Faiz Imran is a 17 years old serial entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of Fismma and owns many other businesses. He first starts his business of selling small things by the age of nine, and today, he is a successful businessman. Setting goals is an admirable undertaking for anybody but learning how to reach goals like him. The high school student loves to travel, and he often went to visit different countries around the globe. Today, he is successfully running a marketing agency Fismma. And after spending many dedicated years with this agency, he makes it able to stand without any assistance.

It’s a bitter reality that success brings many things, but it also takes a lot from you as today Faiz is happy with his progress, but meanwhile, his class fellows and friend move to the college, but he never regrets of anything. Teenage Millionaire met with many people for business purposes and generally, but he values only a few people who care about him. When he starts working on any project, he projects everything until the project gets complete, and no matter how many days left that he spend isolated.

Of course, this social distance also affects his relationships with his friends and family, but he knows the importance of every individual when he loses his grandparents. Sometimes, a kick is the need to understand the importance of other things, so now, he is not only an entrepreneur but a family man as well. Now, let’s discuss his struggle and future goals.


Like other successful personalities, Faiz Imran also faces many ups and downs in the beginning as people don’t take him seriously and make different assumptions regarding his age. According to the boy, his first deal of Fismma Digital Agency failed because the client thinks he is naïve. Still, he uses all this negativity and criticism productively. Faiz said, his knowledge and experience were enough to deal with all of them that he gets from his mentors.

His words were clear:

“Many people put me down and doubted me even a lot of people I used to have respect for; I’ve heard the phrase, “what do you know? Your just a kid” and “you need to be realistic and stop dreaming about nonsense” countless times. And every time I hear it, it just motivates me and reminds me though. I may already have made more money than these individuals that are 45+. And I am just getting started and until I can walk into any room and not have to introduce myself. I wouldn’t have even come close to my final goal.”

Let’s get moving towards his goals.

Future goals:

He wants to build a digital empire; therefore, he uses marketing and media as a key to open up new ways towards his goal. Teenage entrepreneur aims to reach to the people positively and gives them a platform where they can understand each other in a better way. Well, we hope for the best and wish him luck for his better future. You can contact Faiz personal site and Faiz’s Instagram for further assistance.


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