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Get Ready For “Streams & Screams” as Netflix Unveils New Halloween Portal

“We all scream in the same language.”

Prepare Yourselves for “Streams & Screams”, Because Netflix Is About to Unveil Their New Halloween Portal.

Even though October is still a few days away, Netflix has already provided us with a sneak peek of what’s to come this Halloween season, which, of course, includes a tonne of films that are guaranteed to give you the creeps. The online streaming service has already announced a number of horror movies that are going to be available the following month. One of these movies, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, is an adaptation of a Stephen King novel.

The Midnight Club, directed by one of the most well-known names in the horror film industry, Mike Flanagan; The Curse of Bridge Hollow, a horror comedy directed by one of the most well-known names in the horror film industry, Jeff Wadlow; and The Cabinet of Curiosities, directed by none other than Guillermo del Toro. Therefore, Netflix did not come to play games when it comes to the horror genre this year. And to make the streaming experience even more spine-chilling this October, Netflix has introduced a horror portal called “Streams & Screams” to provide a suspenseful collection that is “made for sharing—and scaring.”

“Streams & Screams”

This is a tab that is exclusively dedicated to horror content, ranging from movies to television series. It features both old-school favorites and newer works that have been crafted specifically for Halloween. The content in this tab includes horror comedies, horror-thrillers, slashers, witchcraft, psychological, and other horror subgenres. The online streaming service has introduced a new feature called “Streams & Screams,” which has its own page within the Netflix app and on the Netflix website. This page highlights all of Netflix’s new and older horror content, including some of the company’s original productions such as “Bird Box,” “Gerald’s Game,” “Cargo,” “Fear Street,” “Day Shift,” and “The Babysitter.”

Under the “Streams & Screams” tab, you’ll find hundreds of different titles that have been selected to fit a particular Halloween atmosphere. Subscribers to Netflix have the option of selecting a horror title from any of the arranged categories. Which include “Teen Screams,” “Zombies, Vampires, and Ghosts,” “Horror Hidden Gems,” “Family Halloween Treats,” “Slashers and Serial Killers,” “This Place Is Evil,” “Modern Horror Classics,” “Horror Reimagined,” and “Witchcraft & the Dark Arts.” In each category, in addition to the many Netflix originals, there are also a few titles that aren’t available anywhere else but on Netflix.

The “Teen Screams” category includes a number of films that viewers may enjoy, such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, while the “Horror Hidden Gems” category highlights some underrated horror titles, such as Creep, Cargo, A Tale of Two Sisters, and Cam.

Other films in this category include the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. On the other hand, the collection titled “Modern Horror Classics” includes well-known examples of the horror genre such as “The Grudge,” “It,” “Anaconda,” “Evil Dead,” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” In addition, the “Horror Reimagined” category shines the spotlight on horror remakes by highlighting the fun and campy “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” a series-re imagining of “The Mist,” and a contemporary remake of “Carrie.”

For the convenience of its subscribers, streaming service Netflix has compiled a list of the best Halloween-related movies and television shows currently available on the service. Horror fans who are looking to get into the spirit of the season can do so by indulging in additional content that has been specifically curated and organized for their consumption as Halloween draws closer. You can look through some movies on Netflix by clicking on the “Streams & Screams” tab, and you should be able to find something to watch that is suitable for your taste in scary movies.

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