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How To Tie Dye Patterns; Step By Step Learning

There are too many different ways to wear colorful, unique patterns. Tie and Dye patterns always in and out for years. Tie and Dye come back as one of the biggest fashion trends of 2020. It was a popular fashion as a protest Art in the 1960s and as a Pop fashion in the 1970s. This art of dye is older it was found in a book in 1941. It refers to the Philippines they are described as wearing the decorated fancy tie dye clothes made with Hemp Fiber. It is a great rich history to create fun with different patterns of dye. This rich culture is found in other countries in that China, South Asia, Africa, and Japan are famous. Here is a complete guide on how to tie and dye patterns and the answers to the question Can I tie dye without soda ash?

how to tie dye

Tie Dye Shirt Patterns

When you dye a shirt you become your own designer. Actually, you are making a fun and piece of Art with different colors. It is a way to re-create plain shirts. There are too many awesome patterns to dye a shirt. There are some tips to follow to dye the amazing colorful patterns. To dye a pattern it is the first thing to tight the rubber band properly for the best result. For small patterns, Folds would be narrow and if you want to the large pattern then folds would be large. You can make it a summer project to create fun with funky colors.

When you die a shirt you need to follow some instructions step by step

  • Step one is to pre-wash the shirt
  • Step 2 is to set up your space
  • In Step  three is to tie up the shirt and choose the pattern
  • Step four is to prepare the shirt and dyes
  • five no step is now starts dye the shirt
  • Now wait for some time following the sixth step
  • Step no seven is to rinse out the shirt
  • And last Step is washing it properly and let it dry.

Gear up with full attention to dye the color patterns for your shirts. Always wear old clothing while you are doing colors. Keep with you a protective Apron and rubber gloves. Now prepare the color mixture. Mix it well and now prepare the fabric to dye. After the color mixing dye the fabric and repeat it again. Let the dye set and wash it properly in the end.

Difference between Dry and Wet Dye Pattern

The difference between wet and dry is the Fragile of the colors. If you dye wet it will flow from one color to the other. The dry dye will result in colors with less resistance because there is no damp or water in the fabric. Generally, it is recommended that the fabric should be damp or wet before tie dying. Because when it’s wet it will be easier to dye and when the fabric will be dry it will result in more color saturation.

Cold water is a problem for some dye colors. When dye will mix up for a too long time in hot water dye instead of warm the color will wash out in the end. An undissolved dye can easily remove with urea.

Natural fabrics like cotton, Rayon, and Lenin are excellent fabrics for dye. It results in 90% good.

Soda Ash works better than sodium bicarbonate which is normally called baking soda. So use only soda ash for dye.

The dye needs 24 hours after washing to set. If you will soak your garment in vinegar water for 30 minutes it will impossible to remove color. For setting the color in colorfast clothes to take some water in a bucket put some salt with vinegar set your clothes in water for some time it will lock the color into your clothes. Salt is beneficial for dye or colors, it will not getting fade while washing.

An advanced option that is to use for dye is wax threads. The most common alternative to rubber bands is Kite string that is cheap and strong. It is easily available in craft stores.

How To Tie Dye Patterns

Bleach Tie Dye Patterns

There are too many different tie and folding techniques that can use for bleach dying. Each technique will give us a different design and pattern. The techniques and tools that are used for this project are

  • Bleach liquid form
  • Rubber Bands
  • Gloves
  • Plastic buckets
  • Dark colored cotton fabric

First, fold your fabric now apply 1:1 water and bleach solution spray or dip your fabric in a bucket filled with bleach solution.

Remove the fabric from the bucket after 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and in the end, wash the fabric with mild washing powder.

It is important to be careful when someone working with bleach, it is a strong chemical. Work in a well-ventilated environment with old clothes and wear rubber gloves. If you will not wash the fabric properly bleach will remain in the fabric. It is also the answer of Can I tie dye without soda ash!

Easy Tie Dye Patterns

Tie dye is a 1960’s trend and considers happiness and free expression.  Tie dye makes a symbolic free spirit through tie dye technique. The process of tie dye is easy and enjoyable

how to tie dye

Are you ready for some messy fun?

Dye is the first important thing to do for. Dye kits are easily available in markets. Always use commercial dye kits.

The second thing you must take 100% cotton fabric for good results. You can use make different patterns with the same colors. Silk is also a natural fiber and it will give best results to you for dye as well.

You can have a bucket to hold enough dye. Stainless steel is best for mixing dye sinks. Always sink and rinse the fabric with cold water. Rubber bands and gloves are the important things to do dye.

Marbles are the best objects to wrap into the fabric. Push a marble under the fabric and fold it properly. Now twist it slightly tie up folds with an elastic band. Apply a different amount of dye to penetrate the fabric with a specific space. Well, they people who usually ask Can I tie dye without soda ash, for those answer is a YES!

Scissors are also an important tool for dye and there will always never be two dyed patterns at the same time.

How to create Cool Tie Dye Patterns during Covid-19

There too many cool dye patterns to design a shirt. In this serious situation during COVID- 19 when people are stuck in quarantine to maintain social distancing, it is fun and the best way to earn money by this tie and dye process. This is the time to teach your kids to have fun with colors. They can create fun with dye the different and cool patterns and after create that messy fun wash their clothes in the washing machine. This is the best time to teach those who ask Can I tie dye without soda ash?

find some cool dye patterns in the below list

  • Spiral pattern
  • Mini Bull’s Eyes
  • Bull’s Eyes
  • Heart-shaped Pattern
  • Star-shaped pattern
  • Crumpled pattern
  • Triangle Pattern
  • Firecracker pattern
  • Rainbow pattern
  • Ombre Tie dye pattern
  • Galaxy pattern
  • Bleach pattern
  •  Sunburst pattern
  • Kaleidoscope pattern
  • Shibori pattern
  • Strips pattern

See an awesome example of the funky and cool pattern, watch in the  video

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