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Star Wars Was a Major Inspiration on The ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Finale, The Duffer Brothers Say

The producers of “Stranger Things” have stated that the emotionally devastating conclusion to Season 4 was inspired by the conclusion of “Star Wars.”

Editor’s note: The below article contains spoilers on Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2.

Star Wars Was a Major Inspiration for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4. The finale is explained by the Duffer Brothers in the article.

With spores falling on Hawkins, startling fatalities, and much more questions than answers, the conclusion of Stranger Things Season 4 is a significant departure from the bittersweet and even uplifting conclusions that have been presented to us since the end of Season 2. Although this is not an unwanted change, those of us who are fans of Max and Eddie, which is pretty much all of us, found it to be jarring and abrupt.

It was also one that, according to the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, who created the series, drew a significant amount of inspiration from a source that was suitably set in the 1980s: Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. According to what the two of them revealed to our very own Steve Weintraub, the depressing cliffhanger ending of the 1980 midpoint of the initial Skywalker trilogy served as a model and goal for the two of them when it came to wrapping up — or in some cases, not wrapping up — the storylines of Season 4 and getting the series ready for its forthcoming final installment.

Star Wars Was a Major Inspiration on The ‘Stranger Things’ By Duffer Brothers

According to Matt Duffer, “We have always wanted to make an Empire Strikes Back conclusion,” and they attempted to accomplish this goal with “Season 4.” where there is a feeling of having lost something. ” Certainly, with the departure of long-running characters like Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser) and Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine).

In addition to the recently introduced fan favorite Eddie (Joseph Quinn), there is a significant amount of that in the home stretch of Season 4. There is a striking similarity between Max’s (Sadie Sink) current state of profound coma and Han Solo’s (Harrison Ford) ending of the Empire while locked in carbonite. Despite the fact that Max’s (Sadie Sink) fate is less certain.

It would appear that Hawkins’ demise is a reflection of the shattered state of the Rebel Alliance by the time the Empire is over. In the climactic moments of episode 9, when spores were falling down on Hawkins, the stakes were higher than they had ever been, and failure was closer than it had ever been.

”Matt explains that they always knew they wanted the show to finish with spores dropping in Hawkins. “I don’t remember exactly when [we wanted that], but it was pretty early on in the process,” she said. He continues, “As I mentioned before, we drew a lot of motivation from the scene at the end of “Empire Strikes Back” in which the characters look out the window. We knew that we wanted to end on the backs of our characters as they face this evil that has not retreated but is very much coming in an aggressive way into their town.

At the same time, they were looking out towards this dark supernatural plume that was spitting out these spores all over their town. We wanted to explore the idea of war, namely the prospect of a supernatural conflict breaking out in Hawkins. “

stranger things 4 finale star wars

Naturally, all of this death and impending disaster set us up for a high-stakes, high-action Season 5, just as Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi was set up by the events of the previous episode, Empire. As Ross Duffer points out, “The idea of this season, unlike past seasons, like Matt is saying, is that sense of anticipation where you’ve set up what the stakes are, which is something that we haven’t done for other seasons.” He continues:

“We’ve established the stakes, so now you just want to attempt to get the” oh my God, I’m so excited to see what happens next “feeling from Empire Strikes Back. The Fellowship of the Ring is currently traveling to Mordor. That is the aspiration and the dream. You want to feel that way. Which is something we simply haven’t been able to do in the past because, often, we wrap up the tales completely before saying, “Oh, but there’s some horror lurking beneath the surface that the viewer sees but our characters may not necessarily perceive.” Our characters can actually see the horror in this situation. What are they going to do, I wonder?

How will they respond to this? What will the course of their voyage be like?

Therefore, when working on that last shot, we referred to those two movies. In point of fact, the Hawkins gang has not genuinely confronted failure and uncertainty on this scale since the conclusion of the first season of the show, when they thought that Eleven had passed away. That was over six years ago. Since then, neither you nor I have been as prepared for the forthcoming season as we were back then.

In the end, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that the Duffer brothers brought us here with the help of certain ideas taken from Star Wars. After all, these are the two individuals responsible for making “George Lucas” into a verb not so long ago.

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What is the thing at the end of Empire Strikes Back?

Luke Skywalker has his hand severed by Darth Vader, who has also just revealed that he is Luke’s father, right before the scene where the ultimate battle takes place. Our heroes just escaped capture from Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer on the Millennium Falcon, where Han Solo was found trapped in carbonite.

Was Stranger Things season 4 inspired by Star Wars?

The fourth season of Stranger Things took its inspiration from a certain Star Wars film. It should come as no surprise that “Stranger Things” is something of a mash-up of all of the nerdy and pop cultural references that creators Matt and Ross Duffer like.

Is season 4 the end of Stranger Things

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What inspired Stranger Things?

The television show Stranger Things is inspired by a “real” story.
The show was originally going to be called “Montauk,” and it got its name from a rumored program run by the United States military known as “The Montauk Project.” According to urban legend, this program involved conducting experiments on children that involved mind reading, mind control, and time travel.

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