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Star Trek: Discovery Season 3: Release Date, Cast, and Production Details

Here is good news for Star Trek fans. Season 3 is happening soon because the show has renewed for the third installment. The audience is waiting for the new USS Discovery adventures immediately.

Star Trek Franchise follows the USS Discovery and the story of its members on many adventures. Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller created the show.

Production Details

According to official spoilers, the production for the third season has started in July. The production place in Iceland where no sign of Anson mount.

Will there a new captain in the USS Discovery Adventure?

The executive producer Michelle Paradise confirmed that the third season would give USS Discovery a whole new captain. She revealed this information at the Television Critics Association press tour at the CBS panel.

In the finale of the second season, Discovery and skeleton crew traveled to 930 years, leaving the Captain Christopher Pike behind. So there ill be need of a captain in the third season.

Well, there are high chances that Commander Saru will serve as Discovery acting captain. Besides, there are also chances that the new stars will take to the USS Discover’s captain chair.

USS Discovery Inside Story

Michelle revealed the inside detail of Star Trek Discovery season 3. she said the upcoming season would start with the discovery in the 32 nd century. She added that ” We are there and living there.

Will Lorca return in Star Trek Season 3?

Jason Issacs said that there are chances of Lorca return in the upcoming season 3. At Las Vegas Convention of Star trek, Jason stated that he had a detailed conversation with the producer and reprising his role, So he gave the good news that maybe Lorca still alive somewhere.

When Will Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 release?

The production of Star Trek Discovery season 3 has started. However, there is a need to wait for a while to have the next discovery’s adventures. It will release in late 2020. Beside it, no other release date confirmed for the third season.


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