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specialized sack trucks: when a standard sack truck isn’t right for the job

Sack trucks are a common tool used in many places to transport heavy objects. From industrial purposes to catering businesses and even airports you can find them in many places.

What is a sack truck?

A sack truck is about as simple as a tool can get. It consists of a platform to place heavy items on, two wheels, and a handle/handles. It is important to remember that a sack truck is wheeled in front of the user. This means you have to be careful when placing items so as to not obstruct the user’s vision.

Types of specialized sack trucks

Stair-climbing sack trucks

As the name suggests, these specialized sack trucks get your heavy items safely up the stairs. They have three wheels on each side for more stability and to make it possible to go up the stairs. On flat ground, they operate just like normal sack trucks.

Folding sack trucks

Folding sack trucks are perfect for when you do not have much space to work with or need extra space to load or store your items. The sack truck has a folding platform and some designs come with a telescopic arm to fold the truck to the smallest possible size. This enables you to free up space where you need it. They are also a good choice for delivery trucks as the sack truck’s small size will free more space for items while still being perfectly functional when needed.

Gas cylinder trucks

Also known as gas bottle trucks, they are designed to hold standard gas containers. They have a curved back so the cylinders can fit snugly and there is a chain to secure them into place. When transporting gas cylinders safety is always the most important thing. One has to be careful not to drop them, bump them into walls, objects or into each other. A gas cylinder truck helps to transport them safely and securely.

White goods trucks

White goods trucks are designed to withstand heavier weights and to be more secure as their primary purpose is to transport costly items like fridges, washing machines, etc. When in transport it is quite easy to scrape or damage such bulky goods so a white goods truck is an indispensable help. Some sack trucks will have rubber protection to minimize the risk of marks on the goods and an extra handle so people can control the truck more easily. This makes it safer both for the white goods and for the user who is transporting them. You can use them as normal sack trucks for other purposes, as well.

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